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Best Doubles Pickleball Strategy Step Back Dink”

Doubles Pickleball Strategy: ‘Step Back Dink’ – Power your game with this advanced technique, creating offense with strategic placement. 🏓💥

Double Pickleball is quite different from Singles Pickleball. Players need to learn the Doubles Pickleball Strategy. We demonstrate about noteworthy strategy, “Step Back Dink.”

What are players going to learn?

We prefer educating the Pickleball players to ensure you’re up to the Kitchen line (NVZ line). You can take significant advantage of it, as you have got the chance to go close to the net and make the down shot. 

Notably, we’re concerned about teaching you about step-back dink. How can you create the offense by stepping back into the court? This strategy is known as step back dink. We will provide the ways you can dink by creating the offense. 

Suppose you’re playing Double Pickleball with your opponent team. You want to dink up at the NVZ line. Your team is performing the best dink rallies. Meanwhile, it looks like you are not able to make the offense. It’s because your opponent player makes the inviolable and strong drinks that force your team to make the below-hitting contact to the net. In this regard, you might be able to implement the step-back dink in this game. 

How do you make Step Back Dink?

You may step back in a specific closed position with your chest straight to the net (at a 90-degree angle sideways). You can get this position as you are a right-hander player. So take a Step back with your right foot into this closed specific position. 

Now, here you’ve various options for Doubles Pickleball Strategy. 

  • Try to drink the shot back
  • Create the kind of dink onto the opponent’s feet
  • Make the hit that would be fast enough and a little bit of flick groundstroke
  • Well, you are also capable of making a little fast hit

However, these are specific points that can assist you in making the offense shot. You can mix these tips up with your returning hit so that you’ll respond to your opponent player.

Ultimately, your opponent players notice you are stepping back and making the dink. So, it’s unclear if they try to defend the ball by blocking it.

It’s due to your action as when you send the shot at the opponent’s feet, make dink again, move quickly down the line, or rush towards the mid of your court.

Scenarios of the Opponent team defend

Therefore, your opponent team has numerous scenarios for defending their-self. Let’s know this Doubles Pickleball Strategy:

  • If they have little distance from the line, you have got the chance to push them more on their feet.
  • Suppose you are analyzing that your opponent team is not ready for a fastball hit; you can speed up your shot.

Doubles Pickleball Strategy

Here is an important tip to understand if you make a back Step and never know where you’re staying back on the non-volley zone line. Now, you can see the other top players make it step back dinking shot; one action makes them different from low-level players, “if the top players take the back Step at NVZ, just be mindful that they always back after that shot”.

Although, another doubles pickleball strategy works from the outside position of your court. You can inspect that various players make this shot from the odd direction of the court. If it happens, you must dink in cross-court or backhand position. 

Usually, if you’re habitual in making forehand shots and a forehanded player, it will be your stronger side than your backhand. But just mind it; it’s not much tricky to perform. So if it comes from the opposite direction, that would be rare for you. 

Forehand Cross-Court TopSpin Dink

The Core of Doubles Pickleball Strategy

Eventually, officially we recommended that creating the offence off by the player’s forehand is relatively convenient. So for this purpose, take a step back and highlight your forehand direction to your opponent. Though, this side will create numerous offences from your side. 

  • Must practice as much as you can
  • Don’t perform the same tip every time while returning the shot. Likewise, you must look at your opponent’s top players and follow their footwork tactics. If they give you a chance, then create their offense.
  • Remind it you don’t try to hit the winning shot from your step back position, but your step creates more room among you and your opponent players. So the court is much open for you now. 

For an instant, you’re going to speed up your hit to the opponent’s left or right sides or just act like you’re speeding it up. Then your hit will end up rolling the shot at the opponent’s feet. This shot might lead to a higher ball so that you can put it away.

Elevate your doubles pickleball with communication, foot targeting, drop shots, and strategic court positioning for enhanced control and coordination.


Other than the “Step Back dink” Doubles Pickleball Strategy, here are some other vital tactics:

  • Try to go for feet
  • Players can communicate while returning shots into the mid of the court
  • Stay away from toeing to baseline when you return the serve.
  • Add more and more drop shots
  • Positivity, practice, and patience

Along with Doubles Pickleball Strategy, the essential points are the Both-Back Formation, the Up-and-Back Formation & the Both-Up Formation. All these points are related to specific strategies as well. 

The player’s placement during playing is more important than power. So, instead of playing the winning shot in every shot, you must focus on the ball back and step back dink. Your opponent’s act is the immense master that will lead you to the type of shot you must play. 

Doubles Pickleball Strategy is a vital source of improving the skills for gameplay. Here you have seen the Step back dink rules; how can you create and respond to your opponent team? How much you are interested in doing practice, the more you can improve your skills to play an offensive shot and result in Step Back Dink.

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