Hit an Erne in pickleball

How to hit an Erne in Pickleball? 3 Convenient ways to hit

Hit an Erne in pickleball is a formidable task. It’s quite a difficult and exciting shot for Pickleball players. Player’s practice is the key factor to winning this gameplay, but if you can set it up professionally and execute your ball. You can become the expert player to hit an Erne in Pickleball.

How can you hit an Erne in Pickleball?

3 Best Ways to Hit an Erne in Pickleball

  1. Run around the NVZ corner and then stand in the out-of-bound area
  2. Run through NVZ and then stand in an out-of-bound area
  3. Jump over corners of the NVZ

Suppose you’re picking the 1 or 2 steps, then must ensure that both feet touch the court out of the NVZ before you hit an erne. If you don’t pay attention to your footwork then it would commit a fault. Likewise, suppose you’re going with 3rd step, ensure that your feet establish out of the Kitchen region.

This process involves the precise executable setup. You must know that you can perform this shot at certain times during Pickleball tournaments.

Pickleball Tournament

Hit An Erne in Pickleball is a highly risky task. While playing the game, it’s quite straightforward to make errors in trying to hit the Erne. Ultimately, your shot can end up losing your rally.

You have to know how you can lure your opponent player to get the right position to play this hot. Your erne setup is the central point to knowing this step. It can force your opponent player to play the dink shot back to you. This shot will be towards the sideline.

However, you may leap over the sides of NVZ, and you can attack the ball close to the net. This shot usually makes your opponents defenseless and surprised.

Your erne setup needs your professional planning and patience. Chase the accurate moment to attack your opponent players.

You must keep your moves as your opponent team is taking their hits. They will never assume what’s going on or your plan for the next shot. Get your accurate position and play your desired shot ideally. Currently, advanced players are vigilant about an Erne shot’s potential. They are lulling their opponent’s teams into the wrong sense and gaining their scores.

Thus, once you are on the spot of your chances to play, take a quick move and regain your position. Land out of NVZ as well as the sideline. If you land on the lines, it’d be considered your fault.

Erne Pickleball Setup

Is the player’s Position matter; Hit an erne in Pickleball?

The Player position is absolutely critical in executing an Erne in Pickleball. You must acquire the proper positioning and footwork in setting up the shot and making clean contact with the ball. 

As with any of your shots in Pickleball, the Erne requires a combination of skill, timing, and strategy to make your shot successful.

However, the key to executing an Erne is to anticipate your opponent’s shot and position yourself accordingly. This means moving quickly and efficiently toward the NVZ line while also keeping an eye on your opponent’s positioning and shot selection. By correctly positioning youself, you can put in a better position to make a quick and accurate shot while also keeping your opponents confused about your plans.  

Your opponent player’s position in the court doesn’t matter while making an erne shot. They are near NVZ, but they are unaware of your impeccable Erne. You must ensure that they don’t go to set their position for Erne’s shot. 

Difference Between an Erne and a Bert

Volley in air refers to the forehand in this shot. The same shot played by the backhand is the Bert shot. Both Erne and Bert are the exclusive buds. Thus, Bert hit is similar to Erne’s hit. It just adds to the complication of the advanced shot. 

While playing the advanced shots, you and your partner must know about these shots. You can move in front of your opponent, and your bert shot must complete the rally. After that, you can swiftly re-position for your upcoming return hit. 

Eventually, for planning to shoot the Bert hit, you need more skills, strategies, and timing to acquire it than an Erne shot. You need to find your perfect move, dink and the best position to defend your shots professionally. 


Pronounce: Erne-ie

Shot Type: Volley forehand

Skill: Advanced


Pronounce: Burt

Shot Type: Volley Backhand

Skill: Advanced

3 Ways to Erne

  • Roundabout Erne
  • Straight Through Erne
  • Athletic Erne

More Learn; More Erne

Erne pickleball is the killing shot for non-skilled players. Though if you’re taking more time to learn the pickleball tips and rules. You must follow and take drills to play the best shot. Master your advanced strategies, keep patience, join your nearest court, take risks, and learn from your court mistakes. 

It’s a fact that when your opponent examines your erne pickleball potential and shot grip, it’ll affect his mind. You can enjoy the psychological advantage. He tries to avoid playing the advanced shots. Your skills can make you a perfect player among other court players. You must keep patience, take more practice and learn more to play more erne Pickleball shots. 

To hit an Erne shot, you need to have quick footwork and be able to move quickly to the NVZ. You should also have good court awareness and be able to anticipate when an Erne shot is the right play. Once in position, you must try to hit the ball out of the air.

The Erne shot is effective when your opponent hits a high, deep shot that gives you time to move quickly to the NVZ. It can also be a good option when your opponent is out of position.

While hitting, your shots must ensure that you’re known about pickleball advanced shots. Try to play with your whole body’s accurate movement, and add the erne shots on your match. You can make your play more energetic and efficient by keeping your weight forward.

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