How to Serve in Pickleball

How to Serve in Pickleball | 8 Key Steps

Learn essential serving tips for pickleball success, including proper paddle grip, aiming techniques, and key rules for a killer serve.

A good serve moves up your game during professional matches. It puts your opponent’s team on the defensive. It brings an early lead for your team as well. Before jumping to the serving steps, you may look at the basic serving rules with advanced techniques.

Serve Basic Rules

Your serve must be right or left of the center line and behind the baseline. Server players have to announce the score and then play a serve shot diagonally into the service region on their opponent’s court. 

Serving Rules

However, all serve shots must be underhanded and played from the lower side of the waist. Serve Ball doesn’t go in NVZ or its line. Other bright views about rules are:

Serving Rules for Singles Game

All players are proficient in playing serve and getting scores until they perform errors and lose their scores. Hence, in singles play, you can alter your sides after each serve

Even score: You’re at the right corner

Odd score: You’re in the left corner.

Ultimately, you must call your points first and then your opponent’s score. 

Serving Rules for Double Game

All four players have equal chances to player serve after coming back the serve from the opponent side. Remember, the first-exceptional rule where 2nd serve of 1st team is unable to play the serve shot. 

The serve shot will start from a right corner after each side-out. So, after each serve, you’ll change your sides now. As per our recommendation, you should play your game and learn the rules from advanced skillful players.

Doubles Rules

Two-Bounce Rule

Well, Pickleball sport comes with extraordinary rules and fun activities at the same time. How to serve in pickleball is usually related to all its basic regulations. Here you can see the two bounce rules “both serve as well as returning serves must make groundstrokes”. It means that your serve shot must bounce on each side before playing and before returning. 

Read two-bounce Rule

Thus, if you’re hitting your ball before it may bounce to the ground is taken as a volleyball. Likewise, if you let it bounce before your hit, it is considered a groundstroke. 

“Let” in Pickleball?

Rally ball is redone due to any reason is known as Let. The player is unable to get a score after the let-in game. When any external object interferes with your gameplay, then Let it happens in the match. For example, a cat catches your ball and runs away with it. Thought a common kind of let shot is ‘service let’.

 “When your ball clips to net on serving but lands into the right corner of service court is called the Service Let

How to serve in Pickleball? Whole Process

We’re delivering a step-by-step guide for regular pickleball players and beginners. You can improve your gameplay by following these steps:

Step#1: Stay in your right position in court. It usually depends on your game type (singles or doubles). Review about mentioned rules of both games and scores.

Step#2: Announce your scorecard loudly. Your scores will come first in both game types. In a doubles game, the serving number comes before the score points (due to three score digits).

Step#3: Look at your target where you’re desired to land your service. Aiming the different places of your opponent.

Step#4: Settle yourself, and then take a bit break. Your stabilized position helps to play the good serve as in basketball.

Step#5: Don’t throw up your all. Such shots may result in dropping the balls when they reach out forefront to you.

Step#6: Your dropping ball may swing underhand to your paddle and make contact with your ball at the front of your body.

Step#7: Keep “Follow through”. So, your swing shot must comprise a relaxed and smooth follow-through.

Step#8: Prepare yourself for returning the shot from the opponent team.

A brief view on how to serve in Pickleball

  • Serve Set Up > Serve initiates from the lower half of the player’s body. Thus, their body position and footwork give them the power to serve.
  • Before Serve Contact > Put the paddle in sync with the player’s lower body, which may follow his forward step and paddle position. Suppose you’ve placed your back foot on the back side; now your paddle face must be too. Moreover, settle your shoulders in a squared position toward your serving targeted object.
  • At Serve Contact > make the free-flowing motion on your paddle, take it forward and touch it with the ball. Ensure that your Contact will make below to naval.
  • Through Serve Contact> Drive your serving ball rightly at your target side is the key factor of how to serve in pickleball.
  • After Serve Contact> Well, You never need to cross your baseline while returning the serve and let in bounce on your serving side. Wait for a while, let your opponent play his turn and then decide about your accurate movement.

Add more Powers to Serve

When you go through the guide on how to serve in Pickleball, the significant factor is how you can add your whole energy to make the best serve. When your match starts to become faster and more aggressive, then play the service as well. 

In advanced Pickleball Rules, spinning has been blocked. So, you are unable to spin your ball with a hand or paddle to make an excessive spin. So there are various advanced serving techniques for hitting excellent serves

Serving techniques

How to serve in Pickleball is related to your serve powers. You must consider these levels in your play:

  • Tossing your ball and contacting the forefront to your own body.
  • Must undergo the ways to go via strokes
  • Try to put a forward step into your serve. It generates more power to serve
  • Engaging your body (hips) inward while striking the ball.
  • Finish your serve by facing your net or opponent and with squaring up your chest.


Following all the right techniques, tips, and strategies, you may take your game to the next level. How to serve in Pickleball will become easy as pie for you. Your consistent practice proves most useful in serve performance.

Thus, the Pickleball sport is consistently growing at an exclusive rate never seen in the game’s history. So, in the advanced Pickleball gameplay, you will judge the importance of your strong grip on serving.

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