Outdoor Pickleball Court

Comprehensive Guide to Outdoor Pickleball Court Construction

Regarding recreational activities that combine social interaction, fitness, and fun, outdoor pickleball court has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. 

Pickleball Sport

The pickleball sport offers a versatile and enjoyable experience for players of all ages and skill levels due to its uniqueness. The uniqueness originates from Tennis, Ping Pong, Badminton and other racquet sports.

Are you considering the establishment of an outdoor pickleball court for your recreation club, centre, or school? Besides this, it is difficult to determine how to initiate the court setup process. Suppose you’ve prior experience in constructing a tennis court. You’ve already made significant progress in building outdoor pickleball courts. Hence, you’re almost identical in constructing your new courts by applying the same things as tennis. 

However, you’re involved in coaching the pickleball league at the school team, country club, recreation centre, or senior living community. You must go through this guide and understand what and where you want to construct your court.

Step-by-step Guide on Construction of Outdoor Pickleball Court

  1. Decide your location
  2. Select your court-constructing material 
  3. Pick Fencing
  4. Lightening your Court
  5. Net system selection
  6. Construct your court

Difference Between Indoor & Outdoor Pickleballs

Step 1: Decide your location

Do you want to construct a multi-court complex? Or willing to move from your badminton court to a pickleball court? Whatever the situation is going on, you need to determine the accurate and affordable space, regardless of your specific conditions. These conditions can be where it’s essential to consider the standard dimensions of pickleball courts and pick up unique adjustable equipment. Furthermore, the badminton court is itself capable of utilizing a pickleball court.

Though, suppose you intend to convert your tennis playing court surface for pickleball. You have to divide this court into four courts of pickleball. So, multiple matches can simultaneously be played on your single (tennis) court. 

Meanwhile, if you’re constructing a multi-court pickleball outdoor program, the entire dimensions and construction must remain the same as for a single court. The only distinction is the inclusion of fences with padding among these courts while constructing courts at a larger scale.

  • Net height: 36 – 34 inches from the sidelines and middle, respectively
  • Playing Regions: 30/60 feet while diverting from tennis (34/64). This measurement is also convenient when standing for pickleball court creation and play. 
  • Court dimensions: 20/44 feet; it’s eventually similar for outdoor and indoor

Step 2: Select your court-constructing material 

If pickleball players already have a court that requires improvements or create an outdoor one, you’ll have to decide on the ideal court surface. Several commonly used ingredients for outdoor Pickleball court surfaces are:

  • Asphalt: It seems the affordable route for all players, but it requires extra upkeeps for it
  • Concrete: It’s the perfect option for pickleball outdoor court creation. Its perfection is due to value and durability.
  • Snap-together plastic: This plastic can be applied to concrete or asphalt. It’s beneficial for you when you won’t alter your court surface and utilize your court for multi-sports.

Step 3: Pick Fencing

Fencing plays a vital role in multi-court pickleball by confining the ball in the playing region. It ensures the safety of both spectators and players. You may find a huge diversity of options regarding the fencing of the court. Wire fences are the most commonly used among all options due to their transparency. These fences allow clear visibility to you into and out of the court. These also permit the passage of light. 

However, you’ve got a clear note on the fence selection now. Still, we recommend you consult an experienced contractor to assist you in selecting and installing the appropriate pickleball fencing during court construction. 

You must also remember that you must apply rust-resistant materials on fencing that may keep you away from injuries. 

Regarding USAPA, Pickleball Fencing Size: Its height should be 10 feet high, although 4 feet can be acceptable when the top of the fence is padded.

Step 4: Lightening your Court

Although you’re constructing your court in the outer region. You need to light up your region to play your game at night. So, lighting your court follows the standard and affordable protocol. 

Pickleball Court Lighting

Two 1500-watt lighting poles are required for each outdoor pickleball court creation. Now players must ensure that each lighting pole must be 24 inches backwards from the court. It is also 18-20 feet tall and placed at the centre. 

Step 5: Net system selection

Once you’ve determined your court space, court materials and surface. This step is to reach out to the specialist who can assist you in selecting the suitable pickleball net setup. This net setup is essential for your suitable and professional program establishment. Nowadays, numerous pickleball pole varieties are accessible, and each variety meets with distinct attributes. Thus, outdoor pickleball poles are significantly engineered to endure prolonged exposure to outdoor elements. However, a comprehensive outdoor pickleball net system must comprise the following components:

  • One usable outdoor net of court
  • One ratchet
  • Two poles
  • Sleeves

Step 6: Construct your court

While your court surface, lighting, fencing, and other necessary materials, are decided. Now it’s the appropriate time to install it our your location. There are the following recommendations that can assist you in the construction process:

  • Professional contractor’s hiring: When you’re installing your single court in your yard, net system insertion is quite tranquil accurately. We recommend hiring a professional contractor who may inform you about standard regulations for the recreational center’s court, school, and club playing facilities. 
  • North-south directions for court orientation: These outdoor courts are more susceptible to various environmental factors that hinder players’ visibility. These can be the sun’s position and shadows cast on the court’s surface. Therefore, aligning your pickleball court in a north-south orientation is more reliable.
  • Two inches wide White line: The court lines can be created using ingredients like orange masking tape, sidewalk chalk, acrylic paint, green tape, or contractor’s blue #1 chalk dust. Though lines of pickleball court include:

Sidelines, Service Courts, Non-Volley Zones, NVZ lines, Centerlines, and Baselines

Major Outdoor Pickleball Courts

  • The City of Faribault comprises four courts. Two courts have been constructed in each of these parks:
  • Meadows Park -> 2505 14th St. NE
  • Windsor Park -> 1600 Greenwood Pl.
  • Red Deer boasts an outdoor pickleball court that stands as one of the largest playing regions in Western Canada. There is the Motorworks Field of Pickleball that encompasses a remarkable 20 courts. The Red Deer Pickleball Club manages this facility, ensuring you it’s accessible to people of all ages and skill levels. Those pickleball court locations:
  • Clearview Meadows – Cornett Drive and Cole Street
  • Emerson – Motorworks Fields, 2700 – 67 Street (near the St. Joseph High School)
  • West Park – 38 Street & 57 Avenue
  • Ironstone – Ironstone Drive and Ibbotson Close
  • Victoria Park – Allan Street & Avery Street
  • Pines – Pamely Avenue & Page Avenue

Outdoor Pickleball Courts in England & Wales

The challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic compelled many of us to embrace outdoor pickleball in recent years. While some players have developed a lasting affinity for open-air games, others temporarily opt for outdoor play until indoor club activities fully resume. 

Indoor Pickleball Court

Though for responding to pickleball players about outdoor playing opportunities, we have reported the categorized directory of venues in various regions. Since if you’re well-known about additional outdoor pickleball courts, you may inform us via our email contact. 

North East

  • Tollerton, York – the access to 3 full-size tennis courts in Adhoc £5.00 1 hour.
  • Ripon Pickleball Club – Pickleball tournaments playing facility in May and September in an outdoor pickleball court at Ripon Spa Park. Most matches are established on weekends, autumn, summer and spring. The postcode of Spa Park is HG4 2AX.
  • Rothwell District Lions Club – Access at Springhead Park, Park Ln.

North West

  • Austwick – Two permanent pickleball courts in Tennis clubs
  • Bentham – One permanent pickleball court
  • Horton-in-Ribblesday – One permanent pickleball court
  • Kendal Tennis Club – Located at Appleby Road, Kendal, Cumbria LA9 6HF. Membership at Kendal Tennis Club costs £41 for the first year and grants access to tennis and pickleball facilities. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy the club’s amenities twice by paying a fee of £2 per visit. 
  • Winstanley – Tennis Club has authorized the use of their courts for pickleball, although temporary lines need to be taped down before each session. The cost of renting each court is £7 per hour.
  • Ribchester – 2 junior courts at Tennis Club that are located at Pope Croft-Car Park Ribchester PR3 3TE. However, the players must accomplish the £3 each donation to acquire them.
  • Chorley – 2 pickleball courts with permanent pickleball nets and tape used for NVZ region creation at Tennis Club. Though, specific pickleball court sections for unlimited plays are accessible at costs of £60 for one year. 
  • Burnley – Tennis club > 30 Lower Ridge Close, Burnley Bb10 4BW.
  • Rochdale – Pickleball and Tennis court at Syke, Rochdale OL12 0AG Dewhirst Road. 
  • Bolton, Lancashire – 4 outdoor tennis courts > 2 hours of Pickleball tournament play access at Moss Bank Park, Bolton. Moreover, pre-booking facility is available. 

Pickleball & Tennis Sport


No, the outdoor pickleball court is open to gamers of all skill levels, either you’re a beginner or an expert player. It provides an inclusive space for everyone to enjoy the sport

In many cases, existing tennis or basketball courts can be converted into outdoor pickleball courts with some modifications. Consult with a professional court builder to determine the feasibility and requirements for conversion.

Playing pickleball outdoors provides several health benefits, including increased physical activity, improved cardiovascular fitness, enhanced coordination, and reduced stress levels.

Absolutely! Outdoor pickleball courts are suitable for players of all ages, including children.


Outdoor pickleball courts boost up the social interaction, physical activity, and community engagement. The allure of playing in a natural setting, combined with the unique characteristics of pickleball, attracts enthusiasts from all walks of life. With proper design, maintenance, and attention to player safety, outdoor pickleball courts offer a welcoming space for players to enjoy the game and build lasting connections.

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