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Discover the standard pickleball court dimensions as per the USA rulebook. Learn about the 34′ x 60′ court size and enhance your pickleball game strategy.

The minimal playing area size is 30′ x 60′. Moreover, the USA rule book also introduced the 20′ x 44′ playing lines.

Here we have a closer Historical background of this trendiest sport. Moreover, the accurate preferred dimensions, lines, net size, and salient points about Pickleball Court Dimensions are well explained. The players may have a new ball game after going through this information.

Facts of Pickleball Court Dimensions

  • The official size of the Pickleball court is 20′ wide and 44′ long rectangle of inclusive lines arrangement.
  • The single and double-court size is similar. The minimum playing area for players is 30 feet wide and 60 feet long. Meanwhile, the commended zone is 34’x 64′ long, providing room for players’ safe movement. 
  • Pickleball rules rely on the Pickleball serving rule.
  • For non-tournament or entertainment gameplay, players have an optional court size that’s 20′ wide and 44′ long. 

Pickleball Court Rules

How do you set up the Pickleball Court?

Here is the Officially recommended method to organize the Pickleball Court Dimensions. For your convenient sport, the minimal size is 30 feet wide and 60 feet long, but the preferable measurement is 34 feet x 64 feet long.

So, this measurement is for recreational sports. Once you’re constructing your court, you can adjust the court size near this official size. Therefore, it is about the court dimensions construction; players can prepare it for a fun or pickleball tournament. 

Court Measurements

Pickleball Court lines

The lines of the Pickleball Court are similar to badminton and tennis court. What is the main difference between these courts?

Court Lines

The pickleball court must contain a kitchen zone of 7 feet. This zone runs equivalent to the Court net on both sides. The kitchen zone is absent in the badminton and tennis courts. 

The basic lines, including Sidelines, non-volley region, service court zone, and central lines, are more familiar to all the players. Remember that all the court lines in Pickleball are of 2-inches in width. Though there you have these new categories:

Right or even court: When facing the net region, the service court region is on the right corner of your court.

Left or odd court: While facing the Net, the service zone is on the left corner of your court.

Pickleball Rules

Temporary Layouts for Pickleball Court Dimensions

Players have Two ways to convert their existing court to their Pickleball Court;

  • Shared method
  • Dedicated method

Though, in share use court, you can add the specific line measurements for Pickleball sport. This sharing court creates confusion at first glance, but players quickly get familiar with your Pickleball lines and keep playing their own game.

Likewise, the Dedicated way is, you’re using your existing court. You can use this court along with your companions in other sports, as a tennis court is used for Pickleball.

Pointedly, before drawing the temporary court, make the proper permission for the owner of the place or existing court. Sometimes, the temporarily drawn lines leave the residues and can’t be obliterated. Once you get the agreement, draw the small lines to test whether it’s convenient for both.

The temporary courts are drawn on surfaces such as badminton courts, basketball courts, inline hockey rinks, volleyball courts, and the most common tennis court surface. 

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Pickleball court Layout

Apposite Location for Pickleball Court

A 20’x 44′ hard surface area is required to create the Pickleball court. It should not cover by grass, as grass makes the hurdle while playing. Moreover, there are some key suggestions about the location of the Pickleball court for both Singles and Doubles games:

  • Re-purposing the badminton court, tennis court, or basketball court. Various communities rely on this approach and create many outdoor or indoor courts. Suppose a tennis court has been prepared; now, it can be utilized for several purposes, including pickleball games. Mainly our local clubs are habitual to make such courts routinely.  
  • A cul-de-sac, driveway, or dead-end street in your region would be the best option.
  • Find out about the empty school parking, often closed by the school ministry. However, you can draw the temporary or permanent lines of the Pickleball court in the parking or ground.

Pickleball Court Net Specifications

According to USAPA guidelines, there are some fundamental facts for Net:

Material: Mesh fabric is highly recommended for net formation. The Pickleball can’t pass through this stuff.

Posts: The difference between the inside area of the two posts must be 22 feet, and the post diameter must be 3 inches (7.62 cm). 

Size: The length of the Net between two posts is 21 feet 9 inches. The height of the Net is 30 inches.

Height: The Net must be well-positioned. It hangs in the center; the top side of the court must be high (36 inches) on the sidelines and 34 inches in the middle.

Edge: The net top must be 2 inches edged with white tape. This net binding should rest on a cable or cord. Though Net never covers the court, rather, it touches the court.

How to create the Pickleball court Dimensions?

The rulebook has mentioned various effective ways to draw the Pickleball court dimension lines. Though players can choose their best surface and drawing necessities, some of them are:

  • Measuring Tape 
  • Pickleball net
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • The carpenter’s chalk or string spool for marking
  • Line-drawing paints
  • Another of your required drawing material
  • Court tape

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Pickleball Court Dimensions; Basics of Pickleball

What are the Dimensions of a Pickleball Court?

Pickleball Court Size


Yes, you can play it on the carpet, but the officially recommended surface is hard for Pickleball court dimensions. The hard surface can be tennis courts, concrete, gym floors, or asphalt surfaces. If you want to put the carpet in your desired place, you should remember that bouncing the ball will be difficult. 

In the rulebook of USA Pickleball, the accurate dimensions are 34’x64 ′ feet, but the minimal suggested ones are 30′ x 60′. Additional to these dimensions, the actual playing lines must be 20’x44 ′ in feet. 

Yes, the badminton court is similar in size to the Pickleball court; the actual measurement is 20′ x 44′ for these courts. 

According to the USA Pickleball Rule book, these are 10 meters x 19.5 meters. The minimum playing area size is 9.1m x 18.2m. Hence, the playing lines are 6.1m x 13.4m for court management. 

Final Verdict

Although, pickleball courts are constructed by players mostly. For your ease, we have delivered the reliable and official dimensions size of 34’x64 ′ in feet; the minimum playing area size is 30′ x 60′.

Pickleball Court Dimensions 20’x44 ′

Though, the Rule book of Pickleball USA states the length of the playing line in feet is 20’x44 ′. Well, these Pickleball Court Dimensions are the unique feature of this sport, used to facilitate its players. The accuracy of dimensions-measurement enhances the consistency and entertainment for Court Pickleball players.

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