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Pickleball court lights are essential, and both the amount of light and its uniformity are crucial factors. The required light levels depend on the players’ skill level (with higher levels requiring more light).

Pickleball Sport

Pickleball is a sensation sweeping the nation, that blends elements of badminton, tennis, and racquetball. It has attracted players of all ages since its 1960s inception. The sport’s remarkable growth has resulted in courts popping up in community centers, country clubs, city parks, and YMCAs nationwide.

The rise in popularity of this sport has reached numerous pickleball clubs affiliated with the USA Pickleball Association, doubling playing locations since 2010, particularly on the Great Lakes, East Coast, and West Coast. To cater to the increasing demand, many courts are now equipped with advanced lighting systems, extending playtime well into the evening.

Pickleball Court Lighting Standards

single court

In line with the evolving landscape of pickleball, it’s pivotal to establish the standards for court lighting. It’s usually governed by the USAPA, which dictates court dimensions and official game rules for formal recognition, pickleball courts mirror the rectangular layout of badminton or tennis courts.

two courts

For singles and doubles play, standard measurements are set at 20/44 feet, with a minimum playing area of 30/60 feet (recommended: 34 feet by 64 feet). Outdoor courts typically require four LED fixtures mounted on twenty-foot-high poles, ensuring a usual 30-footcandles (FC) and a max/min ratio of 2.0 or less. This careful balance guarantees players can track the ball during high arcs, that is vital for uninterrupted gameplay.

Pickleball Court Dimensions

three courts

However, adequate 30 FC lighting is crucial for clear visibility, especially when dealing with fast-moving balls. Maintaining a lower max/min ratio of 2.0 sets pickleball apart. It provides remarkably even lighting to enhance visibility and is considered as a critical element for players engaged in this dynamic sport.

Outdoor Court Lighting

  • Resistant to impacts
  • Exceptional brightness and evenness
  • Achieve up to a 75% reduction in energy consumption
  • Cutting-edge photometry with a molded silicone optical system

General & Outdoor

When addressing the lighting requirements for your pickleball courts, it’s crucial to consider both the quantity and uniformity of illumination. The ASBA Pickleball construction manual categorizes light levels based on player skill. Then, it provides comprehensive details about general and outdoor court lighting.

Lighting designs, available in PDF format for web viewing, transfer, and printability, are complemented by the expertise of our lighting specialists, who can assist in the selection and design process.

outdoor light

Lighting Requirements for Pickleball Courts:

  • Uniformity is vital for lighting quality.
  • The amount of light depends on the player’s skill level.
  • ASBA Pickleball manual categorizes light levels.
  • Lighting designs are provided in PDF format for convenience.
  • Lighting experts are available for guidance.

Optimal Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) for Pickleball Luminaire

Your selection of the accurate CCT is crucial for adequate pickleball lighting. Color temperatures have higher Kelvin values, while warmer temperatures have lower Kelvin values. We recommend avoiding cooler temperatures exceeding 5000K (bluish tint) for pickleball. Commercial installations benefit from 5000K fixtures, while 4000K is suitable for residential settings.

accurate color temperature selection for court lights

CCT Recommendations:

  • Cooler temperatures have higher Kelvin values.
  • Warmer temperatures have lower Kelvin values.
  • Avoid color temperatures over 5000K for pickleball.
  • Recommend 4000K for residential and 5000K for commercial installations

Lifespan and Application of LED Lights 

LED lights feature an impressive lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, significantly longevity of traditional counterparts. The CK300 and PSXPAL300 LED Sports Light fixtures are tailored for outdoor pickleball applications, ensuring durability and longevity for both commercial and residential settings.

LED Lights Lifespan:

  • LED-rated life up to 50,000 hours.
  • CK300 and PSXPAL300 fixtures are ideal for outdoor pickleball.
  • Longevity surpasses traditional lighting sources.

Fixture Size and Optic Recommendations for Pickleball

The right fixture size and optic are critical for proper pickleball court illumination. The CK300 Sports Light suits recreational courts, while the PSXPAL300 large is ideal for professional Class 1 courts. The Paddle Series medium is highly used for most Class 2 and 3 courts. Your fixture selection is influenced by court size, number, and classification, with expert guidance available for tailored solutions.

Fixture Size and Optic Selection:

  • CK300 for recreational courts.
  • PSXPAL300 large for Class 1 professional courts.
  • Paddle Series medium for Class 2 and Class 3 courts.
  • Expert guidance for personalized solutions.

Additional Considerations for Lighting Systems

Apart from fixtures, a well-designed control system is crucial for energy efficiency and system longevity. Implementing controls using scheduling, photocells, and motion sensors ensures lights operate only when needed. Our LED Sports Lights are generally maintenance-free, requiring only periodic visual inspections for optimal performance. Compared to traditional HID sources, substantial energy savings of 40-60% can be achieved with LED lighting.

Additional Considerations:

  • Well-designed controls for energy efficiency.
  • Periodic visual inspections for maintenance.
  • Significant energy savings compared to traditional sources.
  • Tools like LandofPickleball Lighting Calculator for accurate light coverage design.

Lighting Coverage and Design Tools

To guarantee accurate light coverage before purchasing, Landofpickleball offers the Lighting Calculator online. This tool allows users to design a custom lighting solution by selecting pole heights, coverage area, and lumen output. The resulting designs are downloadable in PDF format for easy accessibility.

Lighting Coverage and Design Tools:

  • Landofpickleball Lighting Calculator will be available online.
  • Design custom solutions with pole heights, coverage area, and lumen output.
  • Designs are downloadable in PDF format for convenience.

Indoor Court Lights

When considering indoor lighting fixtures, it’s essential to understand the distinctions between indoor direct and indoor indirect options.


Comparison between Indoor Direct and Indoor Indirect Court Lighting:

  • Direct Lighting for Indoor Pickleball Court:
  • Aimed at the playing surface.
  • Offers elevated illuminance levels on your courts.
  • Indirect Lighting for Indoor Pickleball Court:
  • Brings excellent ambient light levels via the reflection of light from the ceiling and walls of the court.
  • Lighting directed upwards
  • An ideal choice for achieving well-distributed illumination with minimal glare.

Indoor Luminaires Installation

For going to install these Indoor luminaires, you may know that these provide versatility in mounting. These present two significant choices;

Mounting Options:

  • Four corners direct cable suspension.
  • Pendant-attached single hub cable mount.

Benefits of LED Indoor Fixtures

LED indoor fixtures for sports lighting come with several advantages. They are impact-resistant, provide instant-ON illumination with no restrike time, and can be frequently switched ON and OFF without issues. Unlike filament-based lighting fixtures, LED fixtures are not susceptible to vibration-related failures.

Advantages of LED Indoor Fixtures:

  • Can be frequently turned ON and OFF.
  • Impact-resistant design.
  • Instant-ON illumination with no restrike time.
  • Resistant to failures caused by vibrations; that’s a common problem in filament-based fixtures.

Indoor Sports Indirect Lights Dimensions

For those Pickleball players who consider the Sports Light Indirect fixture, it is essential to note its dimensions: 45 ½ inches in length and 16 ¼ inches in width.

Fixture Dimensions:

  • Length: 45 ½ inches.
  • Width: 16 ¼ inches.

Pickleball Light Pole(s)

When considering the installation of USB ports and electrical outlets in pickleball light poles, it’s possible to do so by including an extra handhole when ordering the poles. This additional feature allows customization of the receptacle’s height and placement on the pole.


Incorporating the USB Ports and Outlets into your Court Lighting System:

  • While placing your pole order, you must include an extra handhole with your chosen pole options.
  • Specify the desired height and side for the receptacle placement.

Positioning of Light Poles/Fixtures for Pickleball Courts

For optimal lighting on a pickleball court, it’s recommended to position light poles and fixtures on the sides of the court. This configuration directs light across the playing area, minimizing glare for players. The side placement ensures that the fixture orientation is at a 90-degree angle to the primary viewing directions of the players.

Placement of Light Poles:

  • Position poles on the sides of the court.
  • Direct light across the court to reduce glare.
  • Orient fixtures at a 90-degree angle to the players’ primary viewing directions.

Proper Pole Height for Pickleball Court Lighting

The appropriate height for pickleball court lighting poles typically falls within the range of 20 to 26 feet. There are several factors that influence the specific height, including the number of courts and whether they are single or multiple. Single or individual courts may opt for lower mounting heights. Meanwhile, illuminating numerous courts necessitates poles of higher heights.

Pole Height Guidelines:

  • Generally, aim for pole heights in the 20′ – 26′ range.
  • Adjust heights based on the number of courts and their layout.

Best Pole Options for Pickleball

Well, Square Straight Steel poles are commonly used and cost-effective for pickleball facilities. However, Landofpickleball offers various alternatives, including round straight and round tapered steel poles, as well as aluminum and fiberglass options. Your selection for choosing the best pole depends on specific preferences and budget considerations.

Recommended Pole Types:

  • Square Straight Steel poles are popular and economical.
  • LandofPickleball provides round straight, round tapered steel, aluminum, and fiberglass options.

Cost of Pickleball Lighting Solution

You’re proficient in directly determining the cost of a pickleball lighting solution from our suppliers; that’s a perfect approach. It ensures accurate pricing and helps prevent purchasing more than necessary to cover the pickleball court adequately.

Pricing Information:

  • Contact the supplier for accurate pricing.
  • Avoid overbuying by determining the precise needs of your court.

Right Pickleball Court Lights Selection

  • Light Distribution
  • LED Lighting Technology
  • Adjustability and Dimming Options

All-Inclusive Solutions Catering to Pickleball Players of Every Skill Level

Comprehensive Pickleball court lights kit

Fundamental Pickleball Court Lights

  • Pickleball court lighting requirements are crucial for enabling gameplay, especially during night hours. 
  • Pickleball court lights standard similar to tennis court lighting is used, with luminaries installed on poles ranging from 18 to 20 feet high.
  • The adequate lighting strength (approximately 30-foot candles) is essential for clear visibility of the fast-moving Pickleball.
  • The sport’s governing USA Pickleball Association sets specific lighting requirements, such as sports’ LED lights’ lifespan of 200,000 hours and rated L90 at 36,000 hours. 
  • Sports lighters are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and come with bird spikes to prevent nesting.
  • 70+ Color rendering in the LED lights reduces coloring effects. It enhances visibility on the court and improves accuracy to the sidelines.

APTA Sports Pickleball Court Lights

  • APTA LED sports lighters are the exclusive choice at Access Fixtures to meet USAPA requirements.
  • APTA lights contain both characters long-lasting and energy-efficient. Though, with a rating of L70 @ 200,000 hours, ensuring years of best performance.
  • Light with glass-free creation ensures durability, even in areas of high hurricanes and winds.
  • APTA sports lighters hold an IP67 rating, making them submersible and sealed. It guarantees their resilience against various weather conditions.
  • Bird spikes are accessible to avoid nesting at the top of your luminaires; we also recommend these spikes.
  • Optional backlight shields are provided to prevent light glare and trespass. These address the concerns in neighbor complaints, dark-sky friendly communities, and wildlife disturbances.

Landofpickleball’s expertise in pickleball court lights also acknowledged when the Sun City Festival Pickleball Club is illuminated by their lighting solutions. It received the prestigious 2017 ‘Outstanding Outdoor Pickleball Facility of the Year award’ at the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) Technical Meeting 2017.

Outdoor Pickleball Court

Here are some types of pickleball court lights commonly used:

  • APTA LED Sports Lighters
  • Sports LED Lights with an L90 rating
  • Fixtures with 70+ Color Rendering (CRI)
  • LED lights with optional >90 CRI
  • Lighting with 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K color warmth options
  • LED fixtures with backlight shields for glare reduction
  • Lights with bird spikes to prevent nesting
  • IP67-rated luminaires for weather resistance
  • Long-lasting LED lights with a lifespan of up to 200,000 hours.
lights installation

Pickleball Court Lights Installation

  • Professional project installation
  • Complete LED Lights Kit
  • Regular maintenance and money-saving strategies
accurate light installation in court


Yes, our pickleball court lighting fixtures strategies and poles are recognized as the premier choice for all outdoor pickleball applications.

You can achieve a typical energy savings range of 40-60% compared to traditional HID sources.

Solar-powered lights require direct sunlight, so they are more suitable for outdoor courts. For indoor courts, LED or halogen lights are better options.


Pickleball court lights play a significant role in elevating the playing experience and promoting the growth of your sport. So, from enhancing visibility to extending playing hours, the benefits of proper court lighting are undeniable. You should select the right lighting technology and ensure uniform light distribution.  

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