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The adaptation of racquet sports to Pickleball is relatively straightforward. Knowing the Pickleball Court Size in feet (20′ – 44′) is the key component in getting a grip on a Pickleball match.

In this guide, we’ve introduced the use of Pickleball’s specific courts, dimensions, rules, equipment, and much more.

However, there is the marking of the difference in Pickleball Court Size in feet and other games. This difference can be overcome by appropriate practice. Meanwhile, it’s most appropriate for tennis players, as they are experts to play at the extensive grounds. For badminton players, it’s imperfect because the whole dimensions are similar to the court.

Pickleball Court Dimensions

This guide will teach you about comparing Pickleball dimensions court with other court sizes. We are demonstrating the Pickleball Court Size in feet, the net height, and the best way to set up the court.

Dimensions of Pickleball Court

Washington State’s invented Pickleball is the only family-friendly play that has gained huge participants and popularity. While you are playing, the noticeable point is singles and doubles, both Pickleball games that can play on a court of similar size.

Thus, after clearing your concept about the Pickleball dimensions, Let’s move forward to the accurate measurements of lines from outside for drawing the court.  

You must utilize the line mark paint or 2-inch wide tape to draw the court. This way, you can draw permanent or temporary lines on the court.

Notice for Pickleball Court Size in Feet: Franklin Sports Corporation has manufactured a kit of Pickleball courts. It exposes the strips for marking the court and makes them of fleeting plastic. You may convert it to your required hard court surface, such as on a tennis court. Then connect it with your selected portable net of precise measurement. The setup will provide the appropriate marking points for playing regulated Pickleball. 

Moreover, the actual specifications of Pickleball Court Size in feet Dimensions are discussed here:

Regulation Pickleball Court Dimensions

The official regulated size of a standard Pickleball court is double that of badminton. Thus, the Pickleball Court Size in feet is “20 feet/44 feet” on account of the guideline of USAPA. The length is measured from the baseline to the following baseline, and the width is taken from one side to the next sideline. Therefore, the total area for playing is (30feet/60 feet) recommended by the rulebook of the USA. The additional 10 feet is for court outside space for playing.

There is a 7-foot area from each side of your court net for the non-volley region. Hence, this kitchen region is separated by a central line into two halves with a width of 15 feet. This middle row represents the services of each side, right and left regions.

Pickleball Court Size in feet; Out of Bounds Area

The main court area and safety terms are essential when talking about playing. This safety region is the out-of-bound area for players to move around the whole court conveniently. Although this extra area is not recommended for official Pickleball regulations, for feasible performance during play is compulsory. 

The Pickleball’s regulatory authorities recommended that the minimum region of Pickleball Court size in feet is 54 by 24 feet. This surface area must be measured along with the central playing surface.

Furthermore, the 64-foot by 34-foot surface must be for professional athletic players. Summing up this area, there must be 22 22-foot playing area around each side of the net. So, there should be 10 10-foot zones after each baseline of the out-of-bounds zone. This is considered an ideal zone around the court.

The no-volley zone line is marked at the front section that is near the net. This region is drawn from each side of the Pickle court. Another familiar name also known it ‘the kitchen.’ The players cannot move on the 7-foot zone of the net’s front section while staying at the volley shoot.

Behind the kitchen zone is a length 15′ X 20′ region. It is a known service section. Each Pickleball court has two service sections, on the left and right side from the baseline. The baseline to the kitchen line is making the bisected boxes of the service section. Players can alter their positions easily in each direction with the help of the whole outbound region. 

The significance of the out region is that sometimes Pickleball courts are created very close to each other. Players may hit one another mistakenly due to adjacently constructed grounds when games are started. Besides playing place, it causes distraction for other people when some of them stand up and block the way for others. Staying safe from such issues, this out-of-bound place benefits each court. 

Pickleball Net Length

The convenient thing about the Pickleball Court Size in feet is to know the height and width of the court net. It is 34 inches in the center and 36 inches at the sideline. This height carries the player’s attention towards the central region of the court. 

Thus, the players can overcome the chances of errors by lowering the net. The net must spread over the sideline for at least 1 foot. So the net must be 22 feet in length. 

The net is supported by permanent posts in the ground. The posts are generally made of steel with 2-3/8 inches outside diameter and set at a distance of 22 feet-4 inches from each other. Professional materials such as rust-resistant ingredients are more reliable as these posts are always set for outdoor courts. 

The official supplier of courts uses the ground collar with concrete blocks to install the posts. The main thing is to construct the firm places court. The recommended length of posts is 50 inches. Furthermore, the posts must be of dark green or black color. 

Fault in Pickleball Court

Height Clearance for your Pickleball Court

Well, Pickleball play is a familiar notion, and Pickleball Court Size in feet is understandable for beginners. It is played on both surfaces outdoor and indoor courts. According to the standard recommendation, height clearance is 18-20 feet in vertical positions above the court. The clearance about the out-of-bounds zone must be 10 feet from each edge, which can eliminate the trouble while chasing during the game. 

How is Pickleball Court linked to other Courts?

While playing pickleball and learning about Pickleball Court size in feet, it’s essential to know the court size of different sports (same category). Let’s compare Pickleball and tennis courts and get an ideal conclusion of this confusion. 

  • Additionally, there is a great similarity between Pickleball and Badminton courts. Such as, a Pickleball Court Size in feet equals to a double Badminton court. The main difference is net height. 
  • 4 courts of Pickleball are equal to a single tennis court. Meanwhile, a single-pickle court can fit in the court volleyball. 
  • Four Pickleball courts can be fixed in a crosswise position in a single basketball court. 
  • Indoor soccer pitches are designed to incorporate the four courts of Pickleball. 

Comparison of Pickleball Court and Tennis Court Comparison

Pickleball CourtTennis Court
Court Width for singles20ft27ft
Court Length44ft (13.41m)78ft (23.77m)
Court Width for Doubles20ft36ft
Net Height for Centre34 inches36 inches
Net Height for Sideline36 inches42 inches
Non-Volley Zone7ft from the netNone
Service Area Width10ft13.5ft
Service Area Length15ft21ft
Total Surface Area for Singles880ft²2,106ft²
Total Surface Area for Doubles880ft²2,808ft²

Comparison of Pickleball Court and Badminton Court Comparison

PickleBall CourtBadminton Court
NetCenter: 34″
Sideline: 36″
5′ or 60″ net position from the surface
Width20′Doubles: 20′
Singles: 17′ 

Setting up the Pickleball Court? 11 Tips

Pickleball sport lies in category that is played on temporary and permanent courts. Therefore, there are tips by which you can set up your Pickleball Court Size in feet;

  • Before constructing your court must analyze the location. At the same time, it can cover the appropriate out-of-bounds region. Now your court will occupy the 5 – 14 – feet zone beyond from the baseline to every edge. Although, professional athletic prefer the most convenient space for their court rather than a congested area. 
  • In case players desire to acquire the multi-court Pickleball facility, the ideal approach is that a Pickleball fence must surround their court. With this fencing boundary, there must be sufficient padding.  
  • The players who are used to playing tennis now can renovate their gameplay to Pickleball with at least four courts on the single footprint of a tennis court. Hence, it’s a well-suited game occupying less space than other games.
  • While constructing your court, the permission letter from neighbor courts is best practice for your secure future. Its core point as you may insert lights to extend your playtime. It may not create a problem for nearby residential courts.  
  • Suppose you are creating the court for the first time; the whole surface is unmarked. Now you need to measure the precise lines for Pickleball Court Size in feet. Draw a 20-foot straight line. Then draw the angle at 44 feet and another mark on the right side. After that, make a 20-foot line onto the previous 44-foot line. Let’s make the squared court by joining the lines of diagonal length (48’8½ inches).
  • When building temporary courts for casual gameplay, the portable net is perfectly suitable for it.
  • The fencing surrounding the court is a noteworthy approach for outdoor games. This way, you don’t chase your ball when it goes out of bounds. Thus must make the fencing around your court if your location permits you.
  • For permanent Pickleball courts, the surface constituents include concrete and paint. The paints must contain an acrylic or polyurethane coating.
  • The marking lines are ultimately white. You must follow the accurate color contrast to the surface of the court. Thus ensure that your lines are visible on the surface or not.
  • The previously used badminton, basketball, or tennis courts are excellent candidates to adept into the Pickleball courts. Eventually, you must get a permission letter from the authority to make the court. Though, other sports can be converted to your required court.
  • Often, you want to pick up the DIY Pickleball court; the excellent surface is free of holes and bumps. So you must choose the hard place and avoid the clay and grassy land. As Pickleball won’t bounce on such a place. The reason is that Pickleball (like a whiffle ball) is composed of perforated plastic and doesn’t jump on the grass. It’s not similar to the balls that are used in tennis play.

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Final Verdict

Pickleball courts are simple and easy to mark out. Eventually, we indicate that the official Pickleball Court Size in feet is 20′ by 44′. Well, the official measurements are used for both indoor and outdoor setups. It is a fair game for new players; manage your court and initiate your match. 

Your task is made much easier if you have access to a hard, flat surface free of imperfections. Tennis and basketball courts are popular as they provide plenty of space to put multiple Pickleball courts together with enough out-of-bounds space to play comfortably.

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