Pickleball Doubles Scoring

Pickleball Doubles Scoring | Learn How to Win

In doubles pickleball, 0-0-2 (Serving, Receiving, Server No) signals the serving team’s score, staying on the right. Points are scored only while serving; the receiving team cannot score.

Though Pickleball doubles scoring can be confusing for beginners, it’s quite simple once you get the hang of it. We’ll summarize the basics of doubles scoring, its rules, terminologies, and strategies you must learn to level up your match.

Pickleball Gameplay

Before digging into the constituents of Pickleball doubles scoring. You must comprehend the “Pickleball Court Dimensions” which are 20’wide-40’long. It’s because this game is played on a specific court region. This court is smaller than the tennis court.

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The game is played by four (two) players, with two (one) players on each side of the court. Furthermore, players use paddles to hit a plastic ball over the net. They aim to hit the ball so that their opponent cannot return it safely.

Pickleball Doubles Scoring

  • After a booming serve, players can acquire points. Whether receiving the opposite team can’t get the scores.
  • The player (server) will start the game from the (Even) right side. He serves the shot diagonally to his opponent’s court.
  • On scoring the point, he moves to the (odd) left corner of the court and then makes serve to the diagonal to the receiver’s court.
  • After gaining each score, server players must move from right > to left and left > to the right.
  • Before scoring the point, serving players are not allowed to alter their sides.
  • Once the server-side loses their rally by playing any faulty shot, then the serve moves to the opponent team. (First exceptional rule).
  • Once 2nd server commits the fault and loses his serve, the serve moves to the other player and to the other team. You have to follow the same pattern for the rest of your tournament.
  • Scores calling:
  • Doubles scores are called in three numbers
  • Server’s Score => Receiver’s Score => Server number (server numbers 1,2 only in doubles).
  • At the initial stage of the match, the scorecard is at 0-0-2.
  • Service turn will represent the server number (1,2). Which team is on the right corner when the Pickleball team gets the back serve is the “First Server” of that tern. While in the next round, when the team gets it, the other player may get the serve of the right side. Or maybe the first server for that turn. Most Beginner players misunderstand by assuming that players must keep the exact server number for the whole match.
  • First Server Exception: Once the 1st serving player loses the serve. Serve moves to the other team instead of his second partner. Moreover, scores (0-0-2) “2” indicated that serve goes to the other team (side) of the court once it’s lost from the first server. 
  • The team’s scores are even; you are playing from the right corner of the court, while odd scores come from the left side of the court. 

Basics of Pickleball Doubles Scoring

Scoring System

Although you need to accomplish the 11 scores with 2 points to win the game. If both teams are tied on a 10-10 score, your match continues until one team wins by two points. Moreover, a match is typically played as a best-of-three or best-of-five game.

How to Score in Pickleball?


While playing pickleball doubles, your serve is made diagonally, and it must clear the net and land into your opposite diagonal court. Hence, your receiving team can let the serve bounce once before returning it, and you (the serving team) must let the return bounce once before hitting it. After your first serve, you should switch sides. However, your receiving team becomes the serving team, on your fault.

Winning Strategies for Pickleball Doubles

While you are looking at the Pickleball Doubles Scoring, you go through the winning strategies of this popular game. Following these techniques you can uplift your gameplay:


Communication is the key to pickleball doubles. You must communicate with your partner player about your upcoming moves and effectively take further decisions. Moreover, ensure that you use verbal cues and hand signals to let your partner know where you’re on the court and what you plan to do.

Doubles Strategy


The player’s position is another important factor in pickleball doubles. You and your partner must be in the right place at the right time to make the most of your strong shots. Per our recommendation, one of your team members stays in the middle of the court while the other player covers the sidelines. You may cover most of your court region and that’s tough time for your opponent team to hit the ball on you.

Offense and Defense

Pickleball doubles requires a mix of offense and defense. When you’re serving, your goal is to hit the ball in such a way that your opponents cannot return it. On the other hand, when you’re returning the serve, your goal is to get the ball back over the net and into a position where you can take control of the point. Your aggressive approach and looking for opportunities to control more points are fundamental. Likewise, you need to stay ready to defend if your opponents come back with a strong shot.

Common Mistakes During Pickleball Doubles Scoring

It’ll be best if you stay away from the errors while making points in the gameplay. 

  • If you’re not communicating effectively with your partner, you may lose the next score
  • Staying too far back from the net
  • Failing to analyze your opponent’s shots
  • Playing hard balls and your shots are landing into the out-of-bounds region

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Male players’ matches usually have three of five sets. Female or mixed matches are best with three sets. Players must know that their position alternation occurs in service turns without regard to sets. But the end results will alter within a set after-odds gameplay. 

Up-and-Back Formation – Both-Up Formation – Both-Back Formation

These are basic formations in the doubles game. These are specific according to their strategies. 

As per Pickleball Doubles Scoring, the boundaries of doubles players is a singles court; likewise, the boundaries of singles players is a doubles court. Three sets are usually played with each player needing to play, and in singles, in one set almost. 


Pickleball doubles scoring may initially seem intimidating, but with a bit of practice, you’ll soon get the best grip on it. You just need to know the whole points are 11, the initial scorecard is 0-0-2, check your opponents’ shots, and must communicate with your partner. Thus, you can win the match by using an aggressive approach in gameplay.

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