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Pickleball Doubles Strategy | Avoid Unforced Errors

Master pickleball strategy by minimizing errors, choosing strategic shots, and focusing on court positioning for success in Pickleball Doubles.

Therefore, players can accomplish success through these two significant things:

  • It would help if you keep your ball in the appropriate position in court, and it will protect you from coming attacks.
  • Your opponent will attack you when an opportunity or missing point is generated during gameplay.

Do you want to hit the shot with maximum proficiency in these conditions during Pickleball Doubles game? Here we will cover how to play smartly and perform cross-court dinking. Besides new strategies, we cater to the advantages of dinking the cross-court. Hence, you will learn why dinking into the cross-court is a top-rated gameplay factor.

Strategies of Pickleball Doubles

Therefore, “Dinking cross-court is higher percentage gameplay”, why? There are 5 fundamental reasons behind it:

1st reason: Lower Net Hitting

The first reason of Pickleball Doubles is lowering net hitting shot. Suppose players are going to create dink precisely on the opponents; the error margins are lesser than dinking on the cross-court. We have experienced that if players dink closer to the sideline (the highest part of the net), it will benefit them. 

Thus, the lowest net region is in the middle part of the net; it appears two inches low from the sidelines net. If you are dinking in the cross-court, this generates additional errors for you.

2nd Reason: Your Contact Point is at a great distance from your opponent’s Contact Point

It represents the key reason behind this concept, as cross-court dinking is more competent if you dink precisely straight from the NVZ line. In this region, there is 14 feet distance between your contact point ad your opponent player’s contact point.

It would help if you reminded the Pickleball rules to understand why the distance is 14 feet; you’re staying at 7 feet length of NVZ to the net. Meanwhile, your opponent player is also at 7 feet from the net at the non-volley zone line. Hence, you have the margin of making your shot deep or pop up about 14 feet.

On the other hand, if you make the cross-court hit. There is an enlarged distance between your and the opponent player’s contact point. It’s the dodged bullet for you.

3rd Reason: Spin to Ball is easy

It’s the third major reason for Pickleball Doubles; dinking cross-court is quite smart; it’s much easier to make the shot unattackable by hitting in the cross-court. In this way, you can easily add spin to your ball.

Though, suppose you’re dinking straight, you’ve got a low error margin. So, you can’t add more spins to your ball. Attacking as if it goes cross-court might be more beneficial for my opponent’s play.

This type of Dink looks more natural when you add a slice of action to spin on the ball. Though your ball moves lower, it’s harder for your conflict player to attack.

Moreover, you can analyze that on this backhand side, various other players try to add plus points for them from backhand dinks. It’s because this game action is relatively natural to play. It will also be lower and more challenging to play by your opponent. 

4th Reason: Ball becomes less Attackable

Pickleball Doubles fourth reason is helpful to understand that dinking cross-court is precisely harder to attack and excellent play than down the line. Though down the line isn’t pretty to perform.

It is due to reason, as you’re dinking rightly on, and your shot reaches your opponent straightly. They will simply hit the ball and wind up your gameplay. It’s straightforward to play straight and move to the final score of serve. 

Therefore, if you’re performing the cross-court by forehand side, your shot meets across the opponents and across the net. It makes it challenging for your opponent players because they need to redirect your shot.

Let’s imagine they are pretty expert players who want to hit the ball in a sense, making it difficult for you. The ball may go out, down the line, middle line etc. they just want to change the direction of this hot. Thus, this shot may create a tricky turn to attack the cross-court ball rather than a straight shot coming from your opponent player. 

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5th Reason: You’ve got the option of hit & Ernie for Opponent

The Pickleball Double meets with takes out the Ernie here and why performing the dinking cross score is relatively better.

It is the top-rated and advanced shot in the high-ranked tournament history of Pickleball. As you have seen in various Pickleball matches, the rallies are played cross-court to make their hit out of the play. Furthermore, if you’re a beginner at the Pickleball Court Dimensions game, you must know about Ernie.

The Ernie in Pickleball appears in two best ways. It may happen in the air when you jump around the kitchen. Conversely, it may occur behind you as you run through the NVZ line and put your feet in the out-of-bounds. Though, if you think about the cross-court, your opponent team cannot perform such a shot.

other Tips of Pickleball Doubles

In the case of serving a team, there are additional strategies for your players:

  • Get to the net
  • Must play the higher percentage shot
Hight %age ShotLow %age Shot
Dropping the Third ShotRunning it from Baseline
Cross-Court DinkingDink straight-across
Attacking Pop-upsPlay the dink below the Net Attack
Lobs at The Court NetLobs at Court Baseline
Plays down the MiddlePlays down the Sideline

For Defending team Players

  • Once after returning the serve, immediately play advanced to the net
  • You must force your Opponent player to stay the advancing to the net
  • Hit your ball on to Opponent player’s heels

Well, the Pickleball Doubles players must know the five major reasons ‘why dinking cross-court is certainly proven trendier play for you.

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