Pickleball Serving Tips

Pickleball Serving Tips | 6 Hints for Perfect Serve

The strong serve can set the tone for the entire game, resulting in winning points quickly. Though Pickleball serving tips, serving key strategies and serve techniques are essential to improve the serving grip. If you’re a seasoned or beginner player, you must know that serving is the value-added component of the whole game. A successful & legal serve launches each Pickleball game. 

While discussing serves in the Pickleball court, all advanced players state,

“If you don’t play a good serve, you can’t win the score point”.

This sentence demonstrates the whole story of its authority in the gameplay. We debate about serving more than once, and you must focus on learning the Pickleball serving tips and avoiding the damaging serves. 

Suppose you’re struggling to acquire the serving score and accomplish your target points before your opponent; you need to evaluate your playing tips and strategies. 

How to Play Serve in Pickleball

Pickleball Serving Tips

  • Occasionally Missing a Serve is nothing to fear
  • Keep your Opponents guessing about your coming shot
  • Deeper serves are best
  • Set your service targets
  • Footwork Pickleball Serving tips
  • Serve types understanding for improving Pickleball Serving tips

Serving Tip. 1: Occasionally Missing a Serve is nothing to fear

 Some Pickleball players are extra conscious about their serves. As they want to play consistent serves throughout the match. Hence, in trying the 100% serve shots, they may lose their rules and practice grip.

If you’re too conservative about your serves, then you’re getting more risks for your team. These risks will be for good returns because controlling the rallies and making perfect returns would become difficult. Though, losing your serve shots once in a while isn’t bad because you’re pushing the limits.

However, you may read some common maxims such as ‘never miss a single serve while playing, never lose your scores chances’. You can forget such terms for a while. Make proper attention to play effectively. Prepare yourself for a powerful serve, and then play. Let’s make surprise your opponent’s team. 

Your Conservative approach may prove more risky for your team. It’s because you may lose more and more rallies in trying to play consecutive serves. 

The notable point is “playing aggressive serves that sometimes miss. Meanwhile, keeping your team consistent to win rallies scores, in the long run, is the better approach”

Serving Rules

Serving Tip. 2: Deeper serves are best

Pickleball serving tips rely on the ideal placement of the ball. So, if your serving ball is deep and diagonally lands at mid of the opponent’s service court region. It’s perfect, and let your opponent team play back this shot.

However, don’t play all the deep serves. You may put your opponent’s team in trouble by keeping them away from the NVZ. It’s a beneficial tip during your advancing to the kitchen. Though you can say this service is in your control.

Serving Tip. 3: Keep your Opponents guessing

Throw your shots on varying sides of the opponent. Play several serves by changing on each turn. Your changing and consistent serving shots results in reaping the victory awards.  

Serving Tip. 4: Set your service targets

It’s a more important tip and technique of the gameplay. On pickleball court, you’ve multiple options for ribbing your opponents. Alter your playing speed, and establish your strong serves. Among plenty of Pickleball serving tips, one of the key tactics is “Hit your serve intentionally”. You must know to which side you’re sending your ball and what’s the story of this side. Your service targets are very imperative to win today’s match. 

Serving Techniques

Serving Tip. 5: Footwork Pickleball Serving tips

Whenever we’re walking, playing or standing, our feet balance is a vital factor for all activities. Likewise, you must practice your appropriate footwork. If your feet are not in the right place, it may consider your fault, and you’ll lose your serve turn. 

“Positioned behind baseline” of your court. You can stay on the left or right of the service region. Though, you’re moving your body weight from back-foot to front-foot. Advancing your game by transferring your wrist and arm into play. Meanwhile, you must keep your shoulder movement in the right direction. 

Serving Tip. 6: Serve types understanding for improving Pickleball Serving tips 

Play your heart out by incorporating the side angle serves, deep lob serves, and topspin serves. Land in corners of the opponent side.

Types of Pickleball Serves

Lob Serve

This service aims to force the opponent player to move back from the net, which results in throwing down their rhythm. For this lob serve execution, hit your ball high in the air with a slice motion. The ball must land deep in the opponent’s court, which gives you time to move up to the net.

Forehand Serve

The familiar and convenient serve in pickleball. Here you’ve to stand at the back of the court and use your forehand grip to hit the ball diagonally across the court. Moreover, you can hit this shot with a flat or slice motion. 

Backhand Serve

This backhand serve is similar to the forehand serve, but it’s executed with a backhand grip. Your ball is hit diagonally across the court. So, you can use a flat or slice motion to execute the serve.

TopSpin Serve

The topspin serve is used to generate more power and spin on your ball. To execute this serve, use a continental grip and hit the ball with an upward motion. The ball should spin forward and land deep in the opponent’s court.


Improving your pickleball serve requires a combination of technical skills (Pickleball Serving Tips, strategy, and practice). So, by focusing on these key elements of the serve, avoiding common mistakes, and incorporating drills and tactics into your game, you can take your serving to the next level. Ultimately you may become a more competitive and successful pickleball player.

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