Play Pickleball on a Tennis court

Can you Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court? An Authoritative Guide

The demand to play Pickleball on a Tennis Court is elevating day by day. The small court size of Pickleball has made it smoother to play on other sports courts.  

Play Pickleball on a Tennis court

Pickleball sport is a relatively novel and popular game. The trend of playing Pickleball on other courts like tennis is increased due to its attractive essence. All ages, from kids to octogenarians, incorporate this game into their activities. USAPA has established more than 8500 locations for official Pickleball sports in the USA. Still, it isn’t effortless to find the appropriate court for your personal match. Most people love to draw the Pickleball Court according to official dimensions

Various players convert their tennis courts into modest Pickleball courts. So, more communities, recreational centers, and sports centers prefer to play Pickleball on a tennis court. Ultimately, here we ensure you that you are capable of playing your Pickleball tournament on the standard tennis court.

However, players are proficient to play Pickleball on a Tennis court, badminton, or basketball court if these are accessible. 

Why is Tennis court reliable?

The tennis net height and court surface are relatively close to Pickleball’s. With minimal adjustments, this court is more convenient. Besides other facets, a tennis court is simple and easy to convert for all options, like starting point for playable Pickleball sport. 

The common point that comes to mind is the main difference between these two. The marking lines are not similar in both sports. You may mark the temporary lines on the existing tennis court lines for playing Pickleball. Well, the familiar saying is, “players can fit the 4 regular sizes Pickleball courts in a single tennis court”. 

Marking the Pickleball Court on Tennis Court

Permanent vs. Temporary layout

Make permission letters from tennis court owners about drawing the temporary or permanent lines for the Pickleball court. If you convert the existing court to a Pickleball court, it may legally get you in deep water. It’s because the permanent paints or markets don’t forsake the court to re-convert into the tennis court. Therefore, the tennis owner’s permission is the ethical and perfect way to perform a convenient game. 

Temporary court lines are drawn with chalk and adhesive tape. Sometimes, the residues of chalk and tape are hard to remove. They may persist on the court surface. Though you need to perform considerable efforts, then these residues will be wiped off. That hard washing may be harmful to the tennis court. 

However, the tennis court manager or owner may cooperate with pickleball players. So, you must follow the owner’s caution:

  • Some owners suggest that Pickleball players use plastic cones.
  • We officially recommend you utilize the vinyl strips.

Why we don’t say for cones, players will never note the cone’s positions while playing. They just focus on the ball rather than the cones. So, it may be risky for tournaments. 

Meanwhile, our second highly recommended option is inexpensive. It may flush with the tennis court. Though, it won’t leave injurious residues on the surface.

Moreover, specific strips (lines or circular discs) are developed for this purpose. These kits are more efficient to use nowadays.

Pickleball Vs Tennis Sports

Comparison of Pickleball Court Surface and Tennis Court Surface

  • Players must know that both courts are developed with top coats of acrylic and concrete base. These elements are applied while constructing the permanent court. 
  • Both sports are played outdoors and indoors.
  • Both pickleball and tennis courts comprise a textured surface, non-slip surface. 

The texture does not affect the bounce of a pickleball ball or tennis ball. It’s also a key element in making the play of Pickleball on a tennis court possible.

  • Both Courts sections are composed of colors.

Tennis courts comprise two elegant colors, one on the inside and the other outside the court. These colors might be red, blue, and green frequently. 

Pickleball courts meet in one consistent color theme. It also comes in two-three different colors. So, there are three colors for the service region, the out-of-bounds area, and the kitchen. The widely accepted colors are red, green, purple, grey, and blue.

Pickleball CourtTennis Court
Net HeightSidelines height-36”
Middle Height-34”
Sidelines height-42”
Middle Height-36”
Double sidelinesNoYes
CourtSoftBit Hard
Non-Volley ZoneYesNo
Court Size44’ – 20’78’ – 27’

What is the difference between Tennis Court vs a Pickleball Court?

  • Tennis court dimensions are much larger
  • Pickleball court dimensions are relatively smaller

Though, there is more extra space for pickleball players. Likewise, the internal lines of the Tennis court are closer to the Pickleball sport. You can easily convert it to your desired court with vinyl strips (you can apply other ingredients like cones, or water bottles depending on you).

Pickleball is a combination of What?

Service Region

We often think about, How to play pickleball on a Tennis court? It’s not tricky by the facts of both sports. The service region is quite similar in the Pickleball and Tennis courts. Tennis initiates from the net and runs halfway back to the baseline if taking both service regions. 

While measuring from the baseline, there is 44 feet length in pickleball and 42 feet in Tennis. That’s a two-foot (one-foot on each side of the net) difference in both courts.

The shorter length is beneficial for Pickleball players, as when they perform the shot. The entire length matters a lot here. According to the official recommendation, players may keep the courts as these are, don’t insert many complications for you. You may add additional noticeable facts as well, depending on you. 

Four Sets of Lines

Pickleball Players must remember:

  • The Side Lines
  • The Center Lines
  • The Service Lines
  • The NVZ lines

Singles Line and Center Line Measurement

Therefore, the centerline is identical on the tennis and pickleball courts. It’s an edge to play Pickleball on a tennis court players don’t need to mark center lines and baseline.

  • The Tennis court width > 13.5 feet from the centerline to its single line
  • The Pickleball court width > 10 feet

Players can mark the exact width as:

  • 3 or 3.5 feet measurement from a singles line
  • Mark the spots consciously. 

Adjustment of Net Height

  • Pickleball net height is lower > 34 inches in the middle
  • The tennis net height is higher > 36 inches in the middle

Let’s adjust the height before going to play Pickleball on a tennis court. The easiest way is to move your strap-on tennis net to rather a side. It will pull the court net down to the height of the Pickleball court net. You must measure the height carefully.

So the players can easily convert it back to the tennis net height. Return the Pickleball net to the tennis court net after finishing your game. 

The Kitchen or NVZ

There is a kitchen zone of 7 feet distance from the net in Pickleball. Hence, the kitchen region is absent in Tennis. So it’s possible whether play the Pickleball sport without NVZ lines on the sides. Pickleball can be played within the singles lines of the tennis Sport court. However, the court is more extensive, about 30-35%, which is quite difficult to move and cover your side while playing. 

Ultimately, Pickleball Players can use the sidelines of the tennis court if extra running doesn’t bother them. They never need to mark the extra points on a tennis court to play Pickleball on a tennis court.

How can you play Pickleball Sport on the Tennis Court?

Pickleball players have to face unique problems while playing on the tennis court. Suppose you’re utilizing the cone to highlight the pickleball court points. Then your played ball may hit this cone, or sometimes it appears on your swing’s way. So you’ve to ask to replay this step. 

If you want to play on the non-standard court, it may be hard to guess the exact place, and your match will call it out. It would help to keep playing when it’s close to your opponent’s point. The main purpose of this game is fun, play and get out of a chaotic routine and not argue with your opponent.

It will help if you decide with your opponents about the game rules for recreational gameplay. On the other hand, if it’s a competitive tournament, you must go for a permanent court. 

Players must get more exercise to play Pickleball on a tennis court. As the fencing is farther away because it’s the tennis court. You might retrieve the shots between two points at the longest distance. 


Of course, converting the tennis court into a Pickleball court is quite favorable and easy. Players can easily play on it.

No, it’s not damaging to the tennis court or surface. You have to draw the court lines with vinyl strips. 

A maximum of four Pickleball courts can fit into a tennis court.

Final Verdict

To Play Pickleball on a Tennis Court is relatively sound because both games are played on similar surfaces. The dimension lines of Tennis also match that of Pickleball Dimensions.

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