Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle | Unleash Your Gameplay in 2024

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle offers the two key characteristics, power, and control, that are highly sought after in a pickleball paddle. These attributes of pickleball paddles play an imperative role in a player’s performance during gameplay on the pickleball court.

The pickleball paddles were designed in a way that focused on either providing power or enhancing control. These aspects usually leave the pickleball players to choose between the two features.

However, Selkirk recognized the requirement for a breakthrough in pickleball paddle technology. They set out on a determined quest to create a paddle that offers both control and power without any compromise.

However, the outgoing product highlights the relentless commitment of Selkirk to achieve its goal. They were firmly dedicated to developing a paddle that would excel in power generation and precise ball control. Such dedication is a witness to their passion for the sport. Thus, they desire to enhance the playing experience for pickleball enthusiasts.

The association of the FiberFlex™ Fiberglass face with a thicker Polypropylene X5 Core™ further contributed to the paddle’s exceptional performance. The X5 Core™ ensured a solid and stable feel, enhancing control and responsiveness during gameplay.

Though acquiring this, the AMPED Series established an entirely new technology that had never before been seen in the Pickleball industry. So, by uniting state-of-the-art thicker Polypropylene X5 Core™ with FiberFlex™ Fiberglass face, AMPED paddles have truly revolutionized this sport. With the assistance of this picture-perfect paddle, you can amplify your control and power.

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle Facts

BrandSelkirk Sport
Skill LevelFrom Beginner to Pro (All levels)
Frame MaterialFiberglass
MaterialFiberglass, Polypropylene
Product Dimensions15.75″L x 8″W
Sweetspot size9

AMPED Series


  • Torque Suppression
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Larger Sweetspot 
  • Improved Sound
  • Well Balanced
  • Face Cushioning
  • Neutralizes Ball Differences
  • Impart More Spin


  • FiberFlex Face; Advanced level unidirectional fiberglass face
  • X5 Core; 16mm polypropylene core, that’s a revolutionary patent pending

Pickleball Players’ Gift (Paddle)


  • Enhanced Core with X5 Honeycomb Structure

Players are capable of experiencing the groundbreaking advancement of a thicker polypropylene polymer core. This core not only expands the sweet Spot significantly but also empowers you with heightened force and superior command.

  • Innovative FiberFLEX™ Surface

This skillfully crafted paddle elevates your performance. This latest AMPED Series showcases the cutting-edge FiberFLEX™ Fiberglass technology designed to magnify your playing capabilities.

  • Advanced Torque Control

The Innovative torque control technology elevated the stability of the paddle. It heightens precision and minimizes dispersion even during forceful shots and in challenging winds.

  • Expanded sweet Spot

This product arises far beyond past products, and the AMPED Series introduces a generously enlarged and consistently responsive sweet spot. These are expertly designed to deliver unbeatable performance.

  • Effective Vibration Reduction

While we have incorporated the Polypropylene X5 Core™, disruptive vibrational waves are controlled. It results in a more refined tactile experience. Though, numerous players affirm that the AMPED Paddle helps alleviate symptoms associated with tennis elbow.

  • Unparalleled Spin Capability

It brings an ideal ball cushioning environment, as its sleek fibreglass external layer produces outstanding ball spin. It usually effectively neutralizing opponents’ spins with effortlessness and precision.

Additional Features

  • Each Selkirk paddle is precisely crafted using the highest quality materials and brand-new, exclusive technology. Thus, our dedication lies in developing unbeatable Professional Pickleball paddles. Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle delivers top-tier gear, fueling your passion for the sport you love. Ultimately, these are giving you a competitive advantage in every match.
  • It introduces an entirely novel technology never seen before in the Pickleball industry. AMPED paddle comes with a contemporary FiberFlex Fiberglass surface with a thick Polypropylene X5 Core to deliver optimal ball cushioning. 
  • Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle undergoes trusted testing and is verified by USA Pickleball Association for international events and Tournament Pickleball Play. So, renowned professional players like Joanne Russel, Tyson McGuffin, Kaitlin Christian and Enrique Ruize trust and use Selkirk amped pickleball paddle. It’s your turn to utilize and upgrade your game by acquiring the same paddle for your game.
  • Epic Selkirk AMPED paddle preserves the classic paddle shape with a long handle and a substantial surface area. It brings the perfect balance between two major features; power and control. Furthermore, this professional pickleball paddle offers exceptional two-handed swings with its extended handle and a precisely proportioned hitting area.

Where to buy Pickleball Paddles


Selkirk pickleball paddles are created in the USA. It is manufactured with the finest proprietary materials and brand-new technology. Thus, this aspect reflects our product values on account of our commitment to American workers rightly. 

It usually depends on the care and using way of Pickleball players. However, these paddles may expire in 2-5 years. Likewise, it may compensate for the thumb rule, as players must need to purchase their new paddle after 2-5 years.

Selkirk Amped pickleball paddle has a thickness of 16 mm, with a paddle length of 16.5 inches width of 7.3 inches. The thickness of a professional pickleball paddle indicates its impact on your gameplay. As a thicker paddle absorbs more of the ball’s energy upon contact. When paddles are offered in both 13mm and 16mm thicknesses, the 13mm version emphasizes “power,” while the 16mm version focuses on “control.” Some brands, like Diadem, Prokennex, and Gearbox, offer paddles with a single thickness option per paddle.

Pickleball Equipment

Final Verdict

In the dynamic world of pickleball, having the right equipment can make all the difference. The Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle emerges as a true game-changer, combining front-line technology, superior design, and exceptional performance. Ultimately Elevate your pickleball experience with the astonishing graphics comprising Selkirk Amped Paddle and take your game to new heights.

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