Skinny Singles Pickleball

Pro Tips to Improve Skinny Singles Pickleball in 2024

Skinny singles in pickleball halve the court for one-on-one play. It offers strategic challenges and gains popularity with tutorials and rules.

Here are quick points of how you can play skinny singles Pickleball:

  • There are two players to play like Singles
  • It’s played in half of the court
  • It may be cross-court; that is, diagonally serving-returning across the court.
  • In some circumstances, it’s down the line; serving-returning occurs on one-half of the Pickleball Court.


Pickleball game originated in 1965 when a new recreational game was played by two fathers in the backyard with racquet sports equipment. After that, it was furnished, and game rules were assigned, making it a more prominent game. Thus, the game reached the USA sports official community, which analyzed the Pickleball game’s uniqueness and formulated its standards among other sports

Pickleball Sport gains traction among sports-people. As more and more people are trapping into this fast-paced paddle sport, knowing its rules has become a game changer. Meanwhile, the Singles and Doubles gameplays seem straightforward to understand. These games represent various gaming specifications of their title. However, Skinny Singles is a form of the game that is not well-known among the Pickleball players’ community.

What are the Basics of Skinny Singles Pickleball?

Skinny gameplay is a variant of singles rules. Suppose you are a beginner at this game and unaware of its basics. You can play it on a badminton court, just like singles/ doubles. The core game goal is exactly similar and simple, like hitting your ball over the net and allowing it to come back into your opponent player’s court. Therefore, it’s a great drill for gamers because skinny games let you know how to execute a perfect Pickleball shot without the pressure. 

When you’re playing the singles games, you have to be positioned diagonally to make the serve across your court. On the other hand, while playing the skinny game, your court’s single half is used. Other strategies and shot selections are often matched to that in the doubles game instead of the singles game. 

Hence, only two of you will play the whole tournament, and you are responsible for your side. However, you are not doubtful about blaming the other person for any fault. You should make an accurate shot and stay away from mistakes.   

Pickleball Skinny Singles Rules

As you know, the Skinny Singles court is divided in half lengthwise, making it “skinny”. This game variation acquires different rules than traditional Pickleball doubles and Singles games. 

Singles Pickleball Rules

Skinny Singles Pickleball Court Dimensions

However, the same size court is used in Pickleball Skinny Singles as the one used in doubles. The recreational Pickleball court size is 30ft * 60ft, while it’s taken as 34ft * 64ft for tournaments. The skinny singles playing surface court size is 15ft * 30 ft.

Pickleball Court Dimensions


In the Skinny Singles game, scoring is quite the same as in traditional Pickleball. You must make 11 points, with a two-point lead required to win. However, there are some differences in how these points are scored. If the server wins the point, you get one point and continue serving. If your receiver wins, he gets the point and becomes the server.

Serving rules

The server player begins making a serve from the “Even” side with 0-0 scores. This serve is cross-court to your opponents’ court even side. It’s the point where the skinny singles game is unique from others. Although, all subsequent shots, including volleys, return-of-serve, drops etc., must be played in a “cross-court” manner. These shots are hit from “even” corners to “even” corners with “Even” numbers on the server. Meanwhile, with your server’s odd number, from your odd corner to the odd corner of the opponent. 

Comparison Table between Pickleball Singles and Pickleball Skinny Singles:

AspectPickleball SinglesPickleball Skinny Singles
Number of Players2 players1 player
Court Size20 feet wide, 44 feet long10 feet wide, 44 feet long
Non-Volley ZoneIn playIn play
Difficulty LevelModerateChallenging
Standard RulesFollowedFollowed
Ideal for BeginnersNoYes

Comparison Table between Pickleball Singles and Pickleball Skinny Singles:

AspectPickleball DoublesPickleball Skinny Singles
Number of Players4 players1 player
Court Size20 feet wide, 44 feet long10 feet wide, 44 feet long
Non-Volley ZoneIn playIn play
Difficulty LevelModerateChallenging
Standard RulesFollowedFollowed
Ideal for BeginnersNoYes
Serving OrderAlternatingN/A
Cross-courtNo moreYes

Play Guide of Skinny Singles Pickleball

The skinny singles rules are pretty much similar to other Pickleball singles game. The central difference between both is you must hit your ball or serve it cross-court into your opponent’s courtside. 

Your skinny gameplay will depend on whether the shot is served on the exact side of your opponent player’s court or diagonal. Though you must know these three techniques when it comes to playing skinny singles Pickleball:

Around the Post (ATP) Shots

It’s a modified format of cross-court shots while playing Pickleball. Your shot hit across your opponent’s cross-court into one half for this ‘Around the Post’ (ATP). 

You can play this shot when you’re standing outside your court boundary and making a return shot that has taken an inside bounce (in court) correctly. 

As long as the original bounce is perfect, you are proficient in making the perfect hit from outside of the boundary, ATP and into the opponent court region without it moving directly over the net.

 Down-the-Line shots

The traditional skinny game plays as cross-court serving and returning. You can make a down-the-line shot by standing on either corner of the court, and it basically depends on your scores. 

Suppose both of you are at 2-2; you (server and receiver) are at even sides of the court, and skinny serve is accomplished from there. Likewise, the scorecard is as 3-2; you (the server) will stand at the odd side, your opponent at the even corner, and a cross-court serve is played.

The combined form of the Two

Besides down-the-line or cross-court shots, you have another variation here. It’s as good as new for players who want to get an easy user experience. Here is the combined method of both in a single approach. The game is typically launched between pickleball sportspersons who stay on “even” corners of the court. 

Once you have won the first score point, then you need to switch to the odd sides of your court. Its logical purpose is to introduce the player’s position with scoring on the court. 

However, the key to the game is your grip on the game. It will help if you play a professional and highly rule-based game for accurate gameplay, especially during tournaments. That’s why this drill works so well, which allows you plenty of opportunities to make a powerful hit.

Drills to improve the Skinny Singles Pickleball

It’s the best game as a training drill for Pickleball players. You can easily try it without lots of running, like the doubles game. Per official recommendations, some fundamental aspects of improving your Skinny Singles Pickleball play exist.

  • Powerful Serve

If your shots are difficult to return for your opponents, you can achieve better scores. It would help if you focused on winning the amazing serves. It must be focused on how you can hit deeply in cross-court because your shallow serves are a golden spoon for your opponent player. 

  • Attack on the Net

Along with NVZ, you have to go through the court confidently to ensure that you’re also capable of making the best return. This act can lay a heavy burden on your opponent. Though you can make the deep serve returns on your opponent. 

  • Assess your opponent

Once you know your opponent player’s weakness in the game, you have the power to win the match. Whether you are a beginner or an expert you can evaluate your opponents’ expertise level within the first or second shot. Then you’ll become a successful skinny singles Pickleball champion. 

  • Shots on corners

You must know your opponent’s court sides where he is not; you have shot there to put pressure on him. Though, your opponent’s placement on the court is a critical point. 

Tips for Mastering Skinny Singles Pickleball 

  • Focus on your shot creation timing
  • Find your sweet spot on the court
  • Practice your footwork
  • Deep serves to backhand consistency
  • Deep return to backhands
  • Line hold and get the NVZ line
  • Work the lob
  • Move your opponent

Skinny Singles Pickleball benefits

Pickleball is great gameplay for all generations; here are some advantages of skinny games:

  • Helpful for your fitness
  • Talent and skills level improvement
  • Ideal for tournament drilling
  • Skills level is boosted according to different shot techniques and players’ court positioning.
  • Accuracy of shots creation

Pickleball Singles


The skinny gameplay only needs you and one of your partners to play the exciting Game. Moreover, the key feature of Skinny singles is that you’ll play it in half the area of your court on each side of the net. You will make the regular scoring by playing the perfect serves in a crosscourt way. 

Skinny Game is usually played on one half of the court and has similar aspects to singles Game. The major difference is the serve played in a crosscourt manner into the opposite player’s court. 

If your ball hits the net during the serve, the server player can take another serve.

In Skinny sport, your court is divided in half lengthwise, making it “skinny,” You must stay on your own side of the court. Your court sides are more important in this game than in the doubles game.

Final Thoughts

If you’re starting your journey with advanced racquet games, we’d highly recommend that you should play the efficient skinny singles Pickleball game. This gameplay helps all the players to polish their skills with a better understanding. So, you can easily learn the basic concepts of Pickleball, follow the game laws, implementation of these rules with appropriate strategies to win the Game. You’ll become able to take on opponents with confidence. Thus, skinny singles Pickleball is a great way to enhance your skills and agility.

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