Who serves first in Pickleball Doubles

Who Serves First in Pickleball Doubles?

In doubles pickleball, the right-side player serves first, labeled Player One. The serving side can switch servers, and the first server changes sides after winning a point.

Fortunately, we’ve accomplished a clear guide on the serving rules of the doubles game. This guide dictates who serves first in Pickleball doubles conveniently.   

Thus, the gameplay depends on the initial discussion between four players (two teams) of the doubles match. When you or your referee flips the coin to toss, which team wins and winning team will be the serving team? The serving team plays the match from the right side of the corner. This right-hand step is allotted for all the serving teams, whether starting a team or returning a team. After each point, players have to exchange their sides.  

Who serves first in Pickleball Doubles?

In Pickleball sport, coin tossing decides the serving team. The winning team is the serving one; here, you can decide your side on the court. Moreover, the serve-winning team has the advantage that you can get the score on each serving. You need to continue your game flow and stay secure from losing the serve. The serving team just needs to follow the first exceptional rule about serving. ‘When the server player misses the serve, it moves to the opposite team instead of your service partner.’

Who serves first in Pickleball?

Many aspects, including the sun, wind, etc., impact the gameplay. Thus, the toss-winning ones decide where they will serve or receive at first. On the other hand, toss losing team decides on the courtside to play the game.

Further Details of Doubles Serving

While playing the doubles match, a more powerful server is essential to start the game and serves at first. He has the perfect and noteworthy chances to achieve the points. Moreover, after winning a serving point, the Serving team should alter their position (from right to left and left to right).

However, you must be an expert player to play the Doubles match. Your expertise will lead you to the best scoring end. Your served shot must land in the service box of the other end (opponent side) of the court diagonally. 

Note: The service box is the specific region between the baseline and NVZ line. The served ball should land here before being returned to you over the net.

Thus, your opponent team can return it anywhere on your courtside over the net. Now you have achieved your first score, your next service is going to start from the left side of your court. After winning the score, alter your sides in your court for the next score.

Suppose the returning team gets a score that was played by 1st server; now, the ball is granted to the serving team’s second player. This partner player of the serving team will continue serving performance, altering sides for each score until he misses the point. Serve moves to the other team, who are opponents of the serving team.

Announcement for Double Scoring 

Scorecard announcement is quite tricky for doubles pickleball than singles. At the game initiation, the scoring call seemed like 0-0-2, both teams had zero scores, and two denoted you’re on the second serve turn.

Once the game grows and the server player wins his first point, the scorecard turns 1-0-2. After the server’s second score, it looks like 2-0-2. The server player loses this point (the server rotates to the other team) scorecard turns 0-2-1. Remember, the second team’s first server announces it.

This change is due to a story in which that receiving team gets the service and becomes the serving one. In this regard, the first number of scorecards have been flipped to the next stage, and the current serving team comes in the first position. 

Doubles Scoring

Pickleball Doubles Serving Rules

There are some other rules towards them you need to pay attention to; these might be which corner of the court where players have to stand to play the serves in the doubles match. You need to note your feet’ position and where to land etc.

Serving Crosscourt

The server player needs to hit the shot in such a way that your ball diagonally moves and bounces into your opponent’s serving block. Remember, your shot should never bounce at the NVZ or NVZ boundary line. Hence, you can imagine your service always goes crosscourt.

Your ball can bounce on all other lines except the NVZ line into the opponent’s side. Suppose it’s landing on any other line; then it’s taken as “in” the game. 

Legally ball Hitting during serving

  • Your ball should be below your waist while hitting 
  • Your paddle should be lower to your wrist while hitting
  • Your paddle should always hit your ball in the upward position

These are the basic three rules for hitting your ball during the serve.

Serving Rules

Players’ Feet Position

Your feet must be behind the baseline when serving. Your position may be just one step from this region. Your foot will never step on or in the baseline, especially before your ball hits. It includes the line extension on the courtside. 

Therefore, this rule is essential to know because it improves your skills. Once you are serving, you should never jump. Thus, at least one of your feet is in contact with the ground while serving. After hitting your ball, you can move as you prefer. 

Which Player can Serve at first in Double play?

Who serves first in Pickleball doubles is decided in the above part. Now we’re labeling each Player of a team. Suppose there are ‘Player A’ or ‘Player B’. So, the match is always started by ‘Player A’ of any team. He stands on the right side of your court. 

Therefore, scorecard checking is an admirable approach to determine the ‘Player A’ side. If it dictates the even number, he must be on the right side; if it’s odd, then ‘Player A’ is on the left side of the court. This Tip assists you in reminiscing your exact location on the court.

Once your ‘Player A’ misses his serve, you don’t need to change your sides. As the serve moves to ‘Player B’s turn. ‘Player B’ players serve and get the score; they have to change sides. 

FAQs: Who serves first in Pickleball doubles?

Low serve is perfect for advanced doubles players. It’s because your deep serve is very complicated for your opponent’s players.

You can see that suppose you’ve started your serving game. Your opponent team player will serve your 2nd gameplay. Meanwhile, your partner player can go for the third turn of the game, the opponent’s partner comes at the fourth turning game, and then you will come at the fifth gameplay, etc.

The team won by coin flipping will be the service team and player on the right side of your court. He starts the first serve diagonally to the opposing team block.

Final Thoughts 

You have learned about who serves first in Pickleball doubles. The game starts with coin flipping and then deciding on the first server. You are selected as an expert Server player and can elect whether to serve or receive the shots at first. Your opponent team can decide which courtside to play. 

After that, you initiated your game from the Right-hand of your court as ‘Player A’. You can get the score after each successful service as well. Let’s start your play and get ahead of the game.

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