Pickleball serve rules

Pickleball Serve Rules 2023

Pickleball serve rules determine what kick initiates each turn and how it plays out. The pivotal factor is that you’re proficient in making a score while on the serving team. Thus, your Pickleball serve rules understanding is a vital source to making you a better player. It doesn’t matter at which stage you’re. 

Pickleball serve rules about Ball hitting

There are four principal Pickleball serve rules, no matter where you are when playing this game. You must go through these rules:

  • You must use the upward motion to play the Pickleball serve
  • Your paddle must touch to Ball below the side of your waist level.
  • Your paddle head would be below your wrist
  • One shot on one legal serve in Pickleball.

Pickleball serve rules about Lines

You must obey these regulations on serving lines during your gameplay. These are:

  • During serve performance, both your feet place behind the baseline
  • Serve moves diagonally across your opponent’s pickleball court

Additional Pickleball serve rules

If you’re a beginner, no worries; your court’s expert players may let you know about new gameplay rules. However, you must be focused on reminding the game rules during your drills. 

  • You continue serving and making scores until you commit a fault
  • It depends on the score from where you can serve.
  • The server team announces the scorecard before each serve
  • After each serve, the server team changes their sides with each other
  • A second chance is not allowed

Opinions of Our School of Thought

Remember, we are delivering our own experiences and thoughts. These are our personal suggestions. Though, we’re deliberating two rules according to our knowledge.

Rule alteration No. One is about service lets. Our new suggested rule is that once you’re hitting your serve ball. It hits the top side of the net and then lands in; you must play it out. You may know its previous form is when the ball comes in contact with the net during serve performance, and it lands in-bound region. You will play it over when someone either referee or returner calls that. 

So, with this new suggestion, while the ball is serving, it hits to the net top and lands inbound; you must play it. There are some different thoughts about it; all expert players said, ‘It’s a mind-blowing tip, and I’m unable to believe it as it may happen’. 

It’s an amazing step to take because this shot is not very common in the series of matches of Pickleball.

Another aspect that we play and want to share with you is, suppose, this shot clips to the upper side of the net. It goes into the court and still goes beyond the NVZ Line. Suppose you’ve perfect mobility and an appropriate grip on your serving rules. You must hit this return shot and come in, then approach the net again after returning this shot. 

This rule of playing is not much complicated or annoying. It is just a bit more difficult for the server player than the returner. You should try for the authoritative and best tips. It’s because people are moving to advanced serves and progressing the game. 

Therefore, a deep and strong serve that clips to the net top may throw a wrench in your opponent’s plans. It is also difficult to play for a serving player, but your drilling grip allows you to perform this step during serve play.  

Though, it’s a novel rule here that no more service lets. Suppose it clips to the net and then moves in-bounds; you just play on. It’s the first principal rule change for Pickleball players.

It’s time to jump on Rule alteration No. Two, it’s an entirely big addition to the rules, especially in drop serves. 

Remember that traditional serve is where the player stays on the baseline and carries the ball out in front. Then let his ball go and hit this shot out of the air. 

So, in this new rule, your drop serve allows you to shoot your ball off your court after bouncing. 

We let you know that it’s the interim rule that you can apply this year in 2023. It may or may not appear among Pickleball serve Rules in the future. You’re just pointing this rule out, and you’re well-known about it as well. 

Let’s move to view the drop serve.

There are two scenarios about drop serve you’re unable to toss it up and bounce your ball with force. Fortunately, you are proficient in dropping your shot as high as you want to play. Yes, you can drop it from above your head. 

It’s not much beneficial to drop from above as you’re feeling it would be more beneficial for you. If you’re dropping it from a higher point, it really never bounces much high. That’s why it’s not much beneficial for you. 

Eventually, this shot is more convenient for beginner players. They can learn how to serve. Rather, it’s hard to tackle most of the time, as out of air. It just provides the information about your service motion. It allows you to move from high to low swing with your drop serve. Moreover, you can achieve more spins on your serve. 

Three basic Pickleball serve rules

  • Underhand serve
  • Feet placement
  • Crosscourt serve

Serving Rules

More serves

However, we’re recommending some additional serves that may excite us to share with you. These serve tips add an arsenal of serves:

“Slice Forehand Drop Serve” Staying relatively low and getting your shot to skip off the court is the actual beauty of a slice. Let your opponent players contact with the ball low is always efficient in a Pickleball game. It’s because your opponents need to hit it up, and you will stay less offensive.

For server players, we recommend you hit a deep and hard serve with your heavy slice. It’s a great and reliable option for you.

“Super Side Spin Forehand Serve” Pickleball players are going to play this shot by cutting and slicing downing from high to low motion. As playing in traditional services, make contact with this shot low. So your drop serve assists you to contact with this ball quite low. It helps to bend this shot as bouncing and after bouncing it. 

You need to train yourself for these new Pickleball serve rules and tips. Your drop shot is the best way to master your rules in the game. 

How to Learn Pickleball Serve Rules

Suppose you’re a beginner at this game and overwhelmed by its new terms and rules; no worries. It’s quite a normal and easy game. You can visit the Pickleball courts and see how many players are addicted to this game. They found it more reliable, and then they rushed toward this gameplay. So, you can learn all the rules in no time. 

There are a few tips for enhancing your confidence level on the pickleball courts:

  • Knowing about pickleball serve rules is not difficult. Spend more time in the Pickleball court/ground in the serving position. Follow your partner players.
  • Learn Pickleball rules that the USA pickleball association assigns.
  • Practice both outdoors and indoors for playing.
  • Join any sports camp for your professional grip.
  • Keep the focus on rules and be patient while learning your game rules.


Not at all; you’re unable to toss your shot before it bounces to the ground. It may consider your fault.

Never, your ball simply drops from your hand, and does it move further.

Soft Angle Serve, Power Serve, High Soft Serve


Pickleball serve rules are essential if you want to play the game competitively. We’ve added some extra tips and our experience for our Pickleball players. Hence, after learning about the novel Pickleball serve rules, initiate your game. Your serve will start from the right side of the court. 

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