Pickleball Court Rules

Pickleball Court Rules & Etiquette 2024 Guide

Pickleball court rules: Serve diagonally, sportsmanship, proper equipment, court dimensions, and fault avoidance for fair play on a badminton-sized court.

The net of the court is 36 inches (on the sidelines) and 34 inches (on the center). Moreover, there are a total of Four players in the doubles gameplay in the Pickleball game and two in the singles game. All these players must stay to the centerline’s right and left sides. 

Fortunately, Pickleball games rely on two types of shots,

Volleys: Hit from a close position to the net and out of the air

Groundstrokes: Hit often from your baseline and off the bounce

A 7-feet region on each side is known as “the kitchen” region. If the players are hitting the volleys from this zone it’s committed as their mistake. While hitting a volley, ensure your body parts do not get the kitchen or NVZ line.

Now you’re capable of setting your court up and starting your play. 

5 Pickleball Court Rules

Be attentive while seeing the basics of Pickleball Court while initiating your match. There are 5 Pickleball Court Rules:

Rule 1: No volley in the Kitchen zone

This region is bound by a precise line located 7 feet (from the net) on both sides of the court. You must note that the kitchen line is also included in this boundary. Suppose you are on the line and consider being in the kitchen region. Though, players are strictly banned from staying in touch with the kitchen before-during-after the volley shot. 

Rule 2: One bound on each side

This rule is also known as the ‘Double Bounce Rule/Two Bounce Rule.’ Once you have played your shot, it must bounce once before and after it’s returning to you. One bounce is required for every rally. Thus, either side plays it must let the ball in the air and bounce before reaching the opponent side. 

Rule 3: Serve at the Baseline

For every serving ball, it’s officially recommended that it should be played from the baseline (backside line of your court). So, if you want to win today’s match, just remember your serve must be performed from below the waistline and underhand. Then it must play over the net diagonal across the court. 

Another interesting point is that your ball can hit your net of the court while playing the serve. As long as it’s considered in the game. Meanwhile, it shouldn’t touch to the kitchen and appropriately lands in the service court.

Rule 4: Serves don’t land into NVZ

The court’s kitchen region doesn’t allow landing the ball in it. While you’re serving, don’t let your shot in this non-volley zone (NVZ). This region also includes the demarcation boundary. When you’re performing the serve, if it’s landing on lines of the court, assumed as in bounds. Likewise, it’s landing on the NVZ line, the shot is deemed out of bounds. Once you have played the serve, your ball can land into the NVZ.

Rule 5: Pickleball match is completed at 11 – 15 – 21 points

A traditional pickleball match is completed when a team/ a player reaches the 11 scores. The winning party must accomplish the two winning points. Suppose you have achieved 11 points, but your opponent is at 10. Then you must continue your team until 15 or 21 points because you need to make the winning score by leading two winning points as well (win by 2 rule). 

Basics of Pickleball Court Dimensions

For the beginner, knowing the basics of court while regarding the Pickleball Court Rules is compulsory. 

Court Dimensions

(20 feet wide and 44 feet long)

Hence, the service area is 10 feet wide and extends 7 feet from the back of the court on both sides. 


It would be best if you made serve to make a point. You can win the game by achieving the 11 scores (by two leading points). 

Net Height

The Pickleball net is 36 inches high at the end regions and 34 inches high in the middle.

Double Bounce Rule

Players’ balls bounce onetime on each side of the net before they are going to perform volley their ball in the air. Once they’ve played double bounce successfully, now they can either volley the ball or play it off the bounce.

Pickleball Court Rules

Court Manners

Thus, if you’re playing the Pickleball match, you must call the scores in the doubles game. Your communication matters a lot with your opponent. Likewise, in a singles game, you need to discuss the game’s significant points with your opponent player as well. 

Before each serves, the scorecard is announced by the server player. It would be best if you want your opponent’s response about to be ready before serving. In this way, you can avoid distractions with him during play. 

Faults of Pickleball Court rules 

  • Serving out-of-bounds
  • The ball hits into the net on a serve
  • Volleying your ball before it takes a double bounce on the court
  • Ball hits out-of-bound

If you’re committing a fault, your opposing team gets the point.

Pickleball Faults

Best way to improve Pickleball Court Rules

While you are learning about Pickleball court rules. We ensure you can find the best court for drilling your skills and becoming an expert player. It would be best if you found a court near your where you can practice for your developing new rules of Pickleball. In this way, you’d be proficient in Pickleball Court rules and related other rules of the gameplay.

Try Pickleball Court Finder

The court finders of PickleballPickleball is the best way to get in the game. Open your Google map, and set your location for 6,000 courts. You can visit all these courts after analyzing their requirements and demands. Each court has set its own rules and amenities for players. You must know the Pickleball Court Rules of your local court/club. Then manage your time according to your court timing and go for your practice.

Where to Play Pickleball?

Check local grounds/parks.

Recreational grounds and Parks are usually managed for Pickleball matches such as tennis, cricket, football, and other games across the country. Often these parks and grounds provide free services to play the Pickleball game. Some of them have managed their courts with affordable fees as well.

Tennis Courts clubs

The majority of racquet players use the tennis court for playing pickleball sport. They just draw the new lines on the existing tennis court. Then start their dedicated match there. This way, you can make new expert friends to assist you in your beginning journey.

Pickleball & Tennis Sports

Local Pickleball Court Rules

  • Except for essential city events, the court is open from 7 am-9 pm for Pickleball gameplay.
  • Play at your own responsibility
  • Court’s marketing is considered a violation
  • There will be no match on those days when water is standing on the court or any other weather problem.
  • Don’t sit on the court
  • Personal items are not allowed; these might be food, backpacks, coolers, seat, etc. thus, non-glass beverage cans are permitted.
  • Players must leave the playing area (court) after their match
  • No bikes, skateboards, amplified music, animals, scooters, or skates on the court.
  • Players must stay active on the court
  • Appropriate attire for playing
  • Play the game on an officially designed court
  • Once all courts are in use, coming players must wait for their turn. Or they can participate in a Doubles game if the previous players are satisfied with them.


Pickleball is played on a rectangular court measuring 20 feet wide by 44 feet long, divided by a net. You can play by 2 or 4 players using a paddle and plastic ball. There are specific Pickleball Court rules that you must follow, such as serving underhand, don’t serve on NVZ, staying within the designated boundaries, and avoiding certain areas of the court. Following these rules, we’re ensuring your fair match.

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