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History of Pickleball: Tracing the Vibrant Origins Since 1965

The fastest-growing sport in the United States is Pickleball. The history of Pickleball is essential to know where this game has evolved. Here we will share the behind story of how its name got popularity and this sport’s real history and current status. 

In the current era, people love creativity, which includes art performances, theatres, dance, gym, and even comedy. Besides all these activities, the sports world is consistently growing with more advancement. For instance, soccer originated when humans kicked the (filled) pig bladder around the minor courts. They initiated that play just to spend their time together. Likewise, Pickleball originated due to players’ innate desire for entertainment. 

Though, we are uncovering the facts of how the Pickleball sport was invented, the early days’ history of Pickleball game, and who developed it. We are excited to inform you that it’s a unique and amusing story of the History of Pickleball. 

Who invented Pickleball?

Most people never know that two friends, Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell, invented this entertaining game of Pickleball. Joel was a Congressman in Washington, and Bill Bell was his Golf buddy and successful businessman. They had little effort from other people while formulating the game.

When did Pickleball Start?

Why was the Pickleball sport invented?

Pickleball invention is a family story of two friends. After golfing, once on a summer afternoon, both friends came to Mr Joel M. Pritchard’s home at Bainbridge Island. They felt the tedious company of their kids. So they decided to play games on their old backyard court of Badminton. Then played Badminton there just to entertain their children. 

They faced the problem of badminton equipment inaccessibility to play with. Like poor parents who want to please their kids, they improvised. Bill Bell and Joel Pritchard faced a stern challenge establishing their game in the backyard. So at that time, both friends and their children experienced the different equipment.

Pickleball Equipment

First, they took the Ping-pong paddle pair to play with. Later they grabbed a wood paddle pair (similar to tennis paddles). Thus their picked-up accessories contained a perforated (wiffle ball) plastic ball and wooden paddles. After that, they analyzed and used the badminton net. 

While playing the game, they found that if the net was lowered to a hip height, the ball might easily hit the net, and the whiffle ball bounced very well on its established asphalt surface. 

Furthermore, their third friend Barney McCullum visited the playground the following weekend. However, all three friends lay down the Pickleball game rules.

Pickleball Rules

The invention of Pickleball Name

There is a mystery about how this sport got a unique name. According to the history of the Pickleball game, the first perception is name was assigned by Pritchard’s wife, Joan Pritchard. Though on account of Joan P., she is the originator of this name, as she entitled that Kids sport Pickleball because she always reminded them about “Pickle Boat in the crew.” Oarsmen were often picked from what they left from boats. It’s her small contribution to the history of Pickleball.  

Meanwhile, Barney McCallum claimed that the game name related to the Pritchard’s dog. It’s why his dog caught our ball while playing and ran away from there. 

How can you imagine which perception is true about the name?

The most often second reason proved disputed because the third family got that dog late, so Pickleball was played and invented before. At the same time, agreeing with the McCullum family, who were the players of the pickleball first group, the game name is instigated by Pritchard’s family dog.

Pickleball Invention Region

However, you know that Pickleball was inaugurated in the backyard of Joan Pritchard and Joel in Bainbridge Island, Washington. However, the invention region is Washington for the Pickleball invention. 

How did Pickleball Sport initiate? – 1965

The history of Pickleball goes back to 1965 When Washington’s inhabitants (two friends) launched a game for their kids on Bainbridge Island. Thus, the adults regularly played the game and discovered a better asphalt surface for playing. Later, their third friend McCallum joined their duo and keenly contributed to the Pickleball Rules management. Though, that initiative year was 1965.

First Pickleball Court in the History of Pickleball – 1967

Official Pickleball court was discovered after two years in 1967. Bell, McCallum, and Pritchard planned the permanent court of Pickleball. Although, the court was established in Mr Bob O’Brian’s backyard, who was Pritchard’s neighbour and best buddy. 

Pickleball Corporation – 1972

Once the Pickleball sport was inaugurated, then there were built various courts. Subsequently, it realized that the Game’s control system was lacking. What is that Game which is without the governing community? Thence, an official corporation dedicated to the newly established Pickleball Sport in 1972. The purpose of the corporation is to protect the Pickleball New Sport.

America’s Latest Racquet Sport -1975 and 1976

Therefore, Badminton and Tennis are both America’s top racket sports. This new Game’s popularity is due to its uniqueness, as Pickleball proves the combination of racket sports. Its rules added some rules of table tennis as well.

So, the National Observer and Tennis magazine in 1975 and 1976, respectively, published a book about Pickleball. They documented the latest sports craze to take the American players by storm. 

Pickleball & Tennis

The First Pickleball Tournament – 1976

What’s more about this newest Game, until 1976 spring, the first official tournament of Pickleball was launched. Hence, that first tournament was held in an athletic club ( South Center Athletic Club) in Tukwila, Washington. Though, most players came from tennis sports and never knew the rules of Pickleball. Some of them practised using pickleball paddles to play before that tournament. 

First ever Pickleball Paddle Fruition – 1984

So, the Game moved forward, and various people were added to improve the game rules. Different sports experts made the comparison and similarities of this Game with other racket games. Do you know the similarity between Boeing planes and Pickleball? Thus, the next big step was composite paddles.

In 1984, a Boeing Engineer, Arelen Paranto, debuted a revolutionary technology, the first composite paddle. However, that technology is still used in Advanced Pickleball Paddles.  

Arlen’s paddle was made of specialized materials (fibreglass) for aeroplane framing and flooring. Hence, he sold his corporation after creating thousands of composite paddles. 

Eventually, over 100 paddle manufacturers are making composite paddles currently, according to that basic technology. 

Advancement Period of Pickleball Sport -1978 and 1984

Pickleball’s popularity expanded until it was featured in the book “The Other Racquet Sports” in 1978. 

After that publication, Sid Williams, the pioneer of Pickleball, inaugurated the Pickleball tournament. He organized the tournament in his home state, Washington. 

Moreover, the first rulebook for Pickleball Sport was published in 1984. The rulebook was officially stated by the United States Amateur Pickleball Association (USAPA). The rulebook aims to perpetuate the advancement and progression of Pickleball Internationally. 

History of Pickleball and the United States – 1990

Pickleball’s popularity accomplishes exponential levels. Game devotees seek more accurate details on equipment, balls, and right paddles. End of 1990, the entire states of the USA were playing Pickleball. 

Pathetically, the History of Pickleball also contains the death of the beloved Founder, Joel Pritchard, who died at 72 age on October 9, 1997. His death impacted the Pickleball game community. Though before the death of Pritchard, their co-founder McCallum launched Pickleball, Inc., an in-house of Pickleball manufacturer. 

Likewise, Sid Williams was appointed the official executive director of the Pickleball Association and President from 1984 to 1998

In 1999, the first website of Pickleball came to fruition. Its purpose was to provide the latest and current updates about Pickleball. Thus, Pickleball enthusiasts can acquire valuable information, including pickleball court locations, rules, equipment, merchandise, Pickleball Court Dimensions, and many more. It’s known as Pickleball Stuff.

In 2003, it was the era when Pickleball Stuff was officially listed among the 39 regions to play standard Pickleball in North America. Meanwhile, the Pickleball courts were extended to the ten big states around the USA and various localities in Canada. Many Pickleball experts have made their world record in this game since then. 

History of Pickleball in 2005; a new corporation of USAPA was published and covered the advancement in the Pickleball game. It also ensures the progress of the Game on a national level.

Pickleball Court Dimensions

Present status and History of Pickleball 

It has become an extensively growing sport throughout the world nowadays. Fortunately, more than 4.8 million admirers are playing Pickleball from the US. Thus this number is exponentially growing with the sands of time. 

Ultimate Highlights of the History of Pickleball

  • Vice President _ Steve Wong
  • Secretary _ Fran Myer
  • General Counsel _ Phil Mortenson
  • Tournaments _ Barney Myer
  • Treasurer _ Lela Reed
  • Grievance _ Phil Mortenson
  • Newsletter _ Jettye Lanius
  • Membership _ Carole Myers
  • Training _ Norm Davis
  • Rules _ Dennis Duey
  • Ratings and Rankings _ Mark Friedenberg
  • Marketing _ Erne Perry
  • Webmaster _ Steve Wong
  • Earl Hill _ National/International Relations and the Ambassador Program

Bill Gates association with the History of Pickleball

It adds a great twist to the History of Pickleball. The Father of Bill Gates was very close to Joel Pritchard, Barney McCallum and Bill Bell, who invented Pickleball. Even the Bill Gates family lived near the Pritchard home.

Moreover, the Gates family was involved in the first players of the Pickleball game. They also knew the history of Pickleball and that it will grow around the US. 

So, Gates Senior members had established a Pickleball outdoor court at their own home place after playing the game on Pritchard’s original court.

Bill Gate, a Frequent Player of Pickleball

He has been playing the game for a long time (over 50 years). He also describes his play with the History of Pickleball. Although, he favourably demonstrates that he is a frequent player of Pickleball. He must play once a week and often in summer weather. He shares his youth photos while playing in different Pickleball courts with various people. 

Bill Gates states “a Low Barrier to Entry”

Gates thinks that the advancement and popularity of Pickleball are due to its low barrier to entry. The game has straightforward rules to play and is easily understandable. Therefore, he states that young and old players can learn the game rules quickly. 

Information access is easy and convenient

According to Bill Gates, the history of Pickleball and the rules of this game are understandable through various tutorials and videos on YouTube. Thus, it can learn Pickleball easily through online videos and our guidelines. 

Final Thoughts 

However, the Pickleball sport was discovered out of boredom when two friends tried to curb it. Their simple merging game evolved into their routine family sport to curb boredom. Later, further people were added to their gameplay and established the game rules.

However, the History of Pickleball is about playing the game and establishing a more reliable game. Moreover, the Pickleball game made substantial growth in the USA and then in other states as well. It’s the time to pick up the hot pickleball action and be on cloud nine. 

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