Pickleball Doubles Rules

Comprehensive Guide on Pickleball Doubles Rules

In Pickleball Doubles Rules, let’s learn about Switch sides after each point, winning with 11 points, focusing on quick moves to the kitchen, mastering the drop shot, and effective serving.

Pickleball Sport is played by more than 2.8 million players globally and is the most trendy game. This is a low-impact recreational game that’s genuinely suitable for all groups of ages. Thus, the gameplay is more open in the USA, and players range from 19 to 75 years and older.

It is concluded to play in singles and doubles matches. However, both games are played in a similar format. Besides this majority of players have the best experience in doubles pickleball. Understanding the Pickleball Doubles Rules is the more agreeable step for gamers.

With a few twists, several basic rules are the same as singles rules. Here is a quick run while learning about Pickleball doubles rules:

  • The Player’s both feet behind from the baseline while serving
  • The game is started with the right-hand-side position of a player.
  • Ball will rotate to the opponent players for serving when your first server player loses 1st Serve.
  • In the subsequent serves, a Doubles match allows both team players to serve before the ball is transferred to the opposing team.
  • Serving team players need to swap their positions after each winning score. Meanwhile, the receiving team players will never swap their sides (positions).
  • Make the underhand Serve into the opposite side of your opponent’s court.
  • Only one serving Player is proficient at making Serve at the start of the match until he loses his point and the Serve moves to the opponent team.
  • The pickleball double-bounce rule elaborates that the serving ball must bounce at once before it’s returned. Likewise, the returned Serve may also bounce at once before it’s been hit. After that, players are allowed to make a hit or bounce on a volley.
  • Players aren’t allowed to enter the NVZ to return their shot without bouncing their ball. 

Suppose you are a beginner at this gameplay, don’t bother with it. Because it’s very similar to Tennis sport, though, it’s true that some unique extents differ from others. Therefore, when you come to know about pickleball doubles rules, you must know these factors. 

When serving Player’s feet behind the court’s baseline

It is somehow a similar rule for most racquet games. It would help if you stood behind your court’s baseline when trying to serve your shot.

Serve gives points

Per Pickleball doubles rules, you are proficient in getting trusted scores after a successful serve. Meanwhile, if your receiving team commits a fault, they can acquire the score point. 

The basic goal of “Serving Team players” is to play and win a strong rally score. They also tend to push their opponent players to induce a fault and get more serves by defeating them.

The player from Right-side to Serve

Besides the game initiation, any of the winning team is, they must serve from the right. Players from the right corner of your court have to start first serve while playing according to Pickleball Doubles Rules. Gameplay will continue until the server player loses his point, then the serve moves to the opponent team. It’s the specific rule during the First Serve creation of the match. 

Now your opponent team has access to serve from the right side. When an opponent player misses his point, the serve moves to his partner player (opponent team second member). Once he also misses the point, service comes back to the first genuine serving team. 

Suppose you are a newcomer and want to join by player numbers 1-2 players on the first while 3-4 on the second team. However, the scoring in Doubles will be like 1-3-4-1-2-3-4. You must understand that player 2 cannot get the serve in the first round. 

Swapping/rotating the Sides

However, it seems like a weird Pickleball doubles rule. Once you have accomplished a serve, you must swap your side with your partner player (same team). 

Suppose you’re in the serving team and win the rally. You (the server) have to alter your side with your second partner player of the serving team. You must remember that you’ll get the point after an entirely complete rally and now switch your sides. This rule is specific to the “Server Team” because the opposing team will not switch sides. 

3″ Scoring Numbers

A great difference between singles and doubles gameplay is the score announcement of teams. It may confuse the players initially, but it’s quite simple to understand. Unlike singles scores, Pickleball doubles scorecard is usually represented by three numbers. 

“Server-score, Receiver-score, Server-number”

The server player gets 4 points, and the receiver gains 3 points with a second serving player of the team serving. You can recall for scorecard as 

4-3-2 > Server – receiver – Second Player is serving 

pickleball doubles calling for second server

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Colorful Wristbands in Doubles Pickleball

The majority of players wear different colorful wristbands while playing doubles Pickleball. It’s a unique rule and mostly pursues recreational gameplay as well. This rule plays a significant role in matches when players get confused about who will serve and from which side. 

Pickleball Doubles Rules have been stated for Pickleball players

Well, there are more players on the court in the Doubles game. So new players often confuse among their turns. These bands are helpful, easy-to-master rules identifying processes for players and viewers. 

According to Pickleball Doubles Rules, First Server Player has the “Rainbow wristband” in this fun and game. It represents that when this fundamental team serves, they’ll score the points in “Even Number,” and the player with a specific band will serve. 

Underhanded Serve

While playing the game, your underhand serve must be accomplished before your paddle moves over your waistline/naval. So, your arm will move upward to make a successful serve. 

Double Bounce Rule in Doubles

When the serving team serves the ball, it goes diagonally to the opponent’s side. However, your ball must bounce between NVZ and the baseline of your opposing team’s service region. Meanwhile, when returning your serve, your ball again takes a bounce before you hit it. It’s called the Double Bounce Rules in Doubles.

If your ball takes more than a single bounce, you commit a fault, and your point will also be lost. Moreover, you have a single serving attempt, exceptionally when your ball hits with net > Let > then moves to the service region. You can replay this point. 

kitchen rules of Pickleball doubles Rules Game

The NVZ rules are exactly similar to that of Singles. Players aren’t allowed to make contact or enter the NVZ to hit a shot without the first ball bouncing. If you do it, if any of your things (keys, shoes, hat, jewelry) fall in this region, it is considered the fault. 

For your best practice, you must stay out of NVZ for hitting your upcoming ball unless it takes a bounce. It would help if you continued your momentum. For this purpose, you can jump across this region. Don’t land in the NVZ, and keep yourself away from faults. It’s a similar rule for both players. 

Game Scoring in Doubles

All the Pickleball doubles tournaments have the winner players of 2 of 3 hard contests. Thus, as an official rule, each match comprises 11 points, with 2 points for winning. It’s taken as a 9-11 match or a 10-12 points scoring match.

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You have to undergo the stipulations of the doubles gaming rule. So you may know that Pickleball doubles rules are easier to understand for all. These are slightly different from those of singles games. All players can easily get these rules and implement them with Doubles Strategies while playing. 

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