Best Pickleball Equipment

What Equipment is needed to play Pickleball?

Key pickleball gear: paddles, balls, portable net, and court marker kit; begin with a $30 paddle and Franklin X-40 balls, consider court shoes later.

Pickleball Court Dimensions

What Equipment is needed to play Pickleball?

While moving forward into this Sport, Pickleball equipment provides you a top-notch edge in the Pickleball court and in securing the Victory.

Pickleball Paddles

Since the inauguration of Pickleball sport, the wooden paddle has been the norm. Over time, manufacturing companies have prepared unique materials and exotic designs. Thus, you can pick any of these pickleball paddles from your nearby store:

  • Plastic
  • Composites materials
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Graphite

There is a huge diversity of aluminum cores & resin-infused, varying edge guards and surface finishes of these paddles. So, at the initiation of gameplay, players must select the “Right Weighted and balanced paddle”. Besides this, you also analyze the paddle’s suitable grip, which is another key factor o paddle selection. You must spend quality time on this task because your paddle directly affects your shots. 

Sometimes, players are fascinated by the beauty of paddles and select the paddle of their favorite color and design. In such circumstances, you can’t claim to manufacturers about inappropriate gaming results. You should select the qualities of gaming results, not its graphics. 

Vital factors of picking up the desired paddle:

Where to buy Pickleball Paddles


Pickleball players need to consider their budget before buying Pickleball equipment. Suppose you’re considering the $20-$50 ranked paddle at your entry on the Pickleball court. Likewise, selecting the $200 top-of-the-line paddle is your own choice. 

Remember, your expensive paddle can’t enhance your gaming experience. You should improve your game by following the Pickleball court rules and basics of it. Eventually, I played the Pickleball tournament with under $100 paddle many times, proving the incredible pick among all the expensive paddles.

Grip Size

Your hand and paddle compatibility determines the grip size of your gameplay. In this regard, you should check the distance of your hand as it ‘starts from ring fingertip to middle crease of palm’. You can determine the exact grip circumference of the paddle. 

However, the average US hand size is 4 inches or 5 inches. According to this grip size, you can measure as:

Court Rules

USA SizeEuropean Size
4 inches0 <100-103 mm>
4 1/8 inches1 <103-106 mm>
4 1/4 inches2 <106-110 mm>
4 3/8 inches3 <110-113 mm>
4 1/2 inches4 <113-118 mm>
4 5/8 inches5 <118-120 mm>
4 3/4 inches6 <120-123 mm>

You’re interested in making a good grip on the paddle even when you leave your hand to relax. Now you’re swinging your pickleball paddle lightly. It’s perfect when you are playing accurately according to Pickleball court dimensions and rules. Such as you are playing the swinging volleys, serves and groundstrokes.

A greater gap on the handle shows that it is too large for your hand, and you must reduce its size. Otherwise, it may create problems during playing; it slips from your hand and wielding the paddle becomes tough. 

Suppose the grip size is too short; here, you’re able to raise its circumference with the help of grip tape.

Our recommendation: always go for the slightly small paddle. Hence, you can utilize the over-gripping that can be changed when it goes time-worn. It’s more reliable for you. I applied it during my Pickleball contest. 


Paddle of Pickleball may vary in weight. Ti can be 6 oz (170 g)- 9 oz (255 g). You must select a lighter paddle that would be comfortable to carry and not heavy. Although, you should select the weight of it according to your playing style, strength and grip strength. 

So, for power striker play, you can prefer the heavier paddle. It keeps you adding weight on the behind side of your shots. Meanwhile, for a powerful and smooth swing, the paddle of medium weight is efficient for swinging freely. 

Players who are depending on their speed must pick up the lightweight paddle. You may note that the paddle weight may not be too light, decreasing your stability while blocking and hitting the shots.  Though, the final decision about weight is quite similar to grip size (smaller).

You may create the exact weight by tape placement around the paddle. 

Paddle Material

However, paddles are usually accessible in different materials. You may know the tennis racquet is constructed of fiberglass, wood, composite, graphite and plastic. 

  • Wood paddles are affordable for all players but are the heaviest option. After getting the appropriate skills, you may upgrade your skills and adapt to the advanced paddles. Then skipping the wood paddle is the best option. It’s because wood paddles are outdated at the professional game stages.
  • Graphite paddles are lightweight, powerful and convenient for professional players. These are relatively more expensive.
  • Composite paddles are the ideal option for all ages and players’ expertise. These are reliable from entry-level to professional levels. However, you may skip the paddles from wooden (heavy) to graphite (expensive) paddles.

Moreover, carbon-fiber surfaces, fiberglass, and composite cores provide various lengths, weights, styles and sizes. These have controllable surfaces with all the qualities together and are well-suited for players. 

“Paddles must imitate the official Pickleball dimensions. It’s vital key point when joining for the strict (professional) tournaments.”


Players must elect the Pickleball equipment that allows them to hit the ball accurately. Though, the paddle shape is a noteworthy point in this aspect.

  • On account of our USA official organization, the standard paddle is 8 inches (20cm) in width and 16 inches (40cm) in length. The accurate paddle brings great outcomes, and you can control (by its surface finish and core material) it efficiently. 
  • Elongated paddles for pickleball sports are usually large than 16 inches (40cm). These are narrow, about 24 inches (61cm). Besides these larger paddles’ difficulty controlling, you can play the “sweet spot”. It’s not accessible to play with a normal paddle since it’s much smaller. However, the standard-shaped paddle is preferable for both games, singles and doubles. 
  • Long-handled paddles in pickleball equipment are over 5 inches (12.7cm). These paddles allow you to play the two-handed backhands, and you’ve more space for your hand’s placements. This paddle is the credible pick for you if you want to go for a two-handed backhand and are also interested in developing your skill. These paddles are for expert players and have far the smallest sweet spot.

Best Pickleball Paddle Brands

While playing the Pickleball sport, you may find a variety of manufacturing companies that provides the best paddles. Various paddles are prepared by enthusiastic players who created them through their personal gaming experience. Other best paddles are prepared by specialized companies as well. For example:

  • Paddletek
  • Engage Pickleball
  • Selkir Sports

Therefore, various brands are coming towards this game of Pickleball equipment. Some of them are:

  • Babolat
  • Wilson
  • Amazin’ Aces
  • Diadem
  • Gearbox
  • Adidas
  • Paddletek
  • Niupipo
  • Prince
  • Electrum
  • Gamma
  • Head
  • crbn
  • Wilson
  • Selkirk
  • Vulcan
  • Monarch
  • ProKennex
  • Franklin
  • Players
  • Onix
  • TMPR
  • Rally/Pickleball Central

Best Ball for Pickleball

The balls of Pickleball Equipment are made of distinctive plastic with holes on their surface. You can watch the balls in multiple models, holes (with different numbers) and different colors. 

“Balls are designed differently, for outdoor and indoor games, according to court conditions.”

Officially Recommended Size:

  • Diameter: 2.87 inches to 2.97 inches
  • Holes: 26 and 40

Different manufacturers’ prefer the close to the official size of ball specifications. 

Outdoor Pickleballs

Outdoor sports are usually the strongest, and the ball must be robust, have smaller holes and be quite heavier. You must know that environmental conditions may harsh outsides, so these balls may fade over time and crack. You should keep some extra balls with you for your best gameplay.

Indoor Pickleball

These balls are pliable and lighter than that of outdoor balls. Though, playing with these balls is generally easy. These comprise larger and fewer holes in the surface.

Tournament Pickleballs

Once you step into Pickleball tournaments, you must acquaint yourself with the other player’s balls usually used in these tournaments. You may find over 40 different officially approved balls. These all are utilized in the sanctioned USA Pickleball competition. 

Pickleball Colors

Hence, the ball is vital to the whole gameplay, and you can see numerous colorful balls. You can enjoy this thing when going through multiple matches. Some of them will hold on outside courts and others on indoor courts. And you must keep your balls in contrast to the court surface; vary as you may play on grass, cement, or wood court

Your balls must be visible on your current court. Suppose your court color is dark; then pick up the light color balls. Your contrasting color ability matters a lot and adds fun to your game.

Pickleball Shoes

The fundamental ingredient of pickleball equipment is the players’ shoes

“Avoid wearing the running shoes or sneakers.”

The movement of Pickleball is entirely different from that of running. Your running shoes are not supportive of maintaining your momentum on the Pickleball court. It may cause injury to the ankles during playing. Sometimes, it throws you in NVZ when not required, and you lose your foot maintenance. 

Thus, the player’s side-to-side movement and rapid direction changes around the pickleball court are pivotal. It indicates that you must go for pickleball sport’s specific shoe or shoes of its related sports (badminton, volleyball, tennis or basketball).

Additional Pickleball Equipment to Play

Sometimes, the Pickleball courts are highly crowded, and you are unable to get room to play. You may now create your own Pickleball court on badminton (indoor) or tennis court. Thus, when you have learned the Pickleball court Dimensions accurately, the basic pickleball equipment is essential to prepare your court.

Pickleball Net

It’s the great advantage of this newly evolved racquet sport. So, some other optional Pickleball equipment is required, like a Net. You can acquire a permanent set of nets or some portable nets. You may get the tennis game offered the facility of net rollers and set your court positions accordingly. 

Draw or create two (side-by-side) courts to play pickleball. It’s the logic that a tennis court can occupy the 4-Pickleball court. Therefore, you can call an expert player to assist you as well. Moreover, the Velcro tension system informs you whether your construction court and net are in the right position. 

Pickleball court Corners and Long Lines

Sometimes, there is a shortage of court markings, and you may go to court with cones as your marking pointers. You can also use the pickleball line sets. Though these cones are plastic manufactured and accessible as corner pieces. These are the enlarged straight sections and are more convenient for marking. Furthermore, you can also utilize the line tape for marking.

Line Tape for Pickleball Court 

The standard length of court lines is 198 feet. Numerous manufacturing factories are working on tape preparation. Thus, the blue painter’s tape can be used to draw the marking lines but may leave spots. 

To avoid your game hurdles, you may take permission from the court owners to use the tape. Afterward, even if your tape makes the spots on the court, that’ll never be considered your fault. 

Improving your game skill? Let’s move from Intermediate to Advanced Pickleball Equipment

After many official drills, you may be able to upgrade your game. Hence, you need to convert your general instruments to specialized pickleball equipment for your game improvements.

Practice Targets

Target practice mostly relies on target nets, flat targets or plastic cones with surface holes in them. Appropriate targets allow you to improve your game accuracy.

You have the skills to set these targets on the net of your strategic positions (wherever you want) around the court. Pro-tip is placing your ball closer to the target according to your playing strategy. Moreover, work on your game accuracy.

Pickleball Machines

Suppose you’re the sole occupant in your court for playing; the beauty of this game is a pickleball machine. The machine is priceless when you hone our returning serve or while you’re going for any specific shot’s drilling. 

This machine works when you set up a specific position for your ball placement. Then your practice builds the muscle memory for this shot. 

Anti-Sweat Tape in Pickleball (Overgrips)

When a player’s grip is suffered due to wear and tear. It may cause by your sweating as well. So, there are overgrips or anti-sweat tape. Though, simply wrap it on your previous grip and continues your game without breaking your game flow. 

I just remember when I was playing on the court, I sweat a lot compared to my partner player. I had to go for frequent changes of grip; that was not the actual solution to my hurdle. Then I rush towards the anti-sweat grip and eliminate your hurdle. 

Moreover, one of our te­am members used it to resolve the size issues. You can also apply it to resolve your paddle grip errors.

Pickleball Gloves

Sometimes, players are soft-handed or have hand issues (sensitivity or others), and gloves are the best offer for them. So, you can improve your playing grips with gloves on your hands. You can also protect your hands from blisters and chaff.

Pickleball Lead Tape

Suppose you’re willing to enhance your paddle’s weight. Pickleball lead tape makes it possible to hold your paddle comfortably. You can experience your desired weight and then start your match.

Pickleball Backpacks

As you’ve become a pro pickleball player, hone your play and move for the advanced equipment. Especially you have adapted the paddle and paddle covers. How can you protect such elegant Pickleball equipment from damage? So, you can protect them in the backpacks while not using them. It’s a convenient method to secure your pickleball gear.

Hats for Pickleball

Your outdoor matches may be risky. As hot weather is a tremendous hurdle for pickleball players. So, you must keep pickleball hats or Sun visors during the summer sun. 

These Pickleball equipment protect you from eyestrain and sunburn in hot weather. However, comfortable headgear is the bliss option during gameplay. 

Final Verdict

Pickleball is an exciting sport that requires explicit and cheap equipment to play. Thus, the essential Pickleball equipment comprises a ball, paddle, shoes, court, net, attire, and accessories. You must consider your playing style, budget and level of expertise to acquire the best Pickleball equipment. However, after gaining the appropriate Pickleball equipment, you become proficient in prolonging your game. Your game experience is improved, and you can win the match with your grasp.

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