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Pickleball Singles | Rules, Tips, Benefits & Gameplay

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It’s a more dynamic game that involves two players competing against each other on a smaller court. There are basic aspects of Pickleball Singles:

The number of players: If you’re a novice in this game, you must focus on the game titles, which suggests singles play involves only one player on each side of the court.

Size of Court: The Pickleball Singles Court is 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. Fortunately, it’s smaller than the court used for doubles play.

Scoring: Singles pickleball scoring is with the first player to reach 11 points (and leading by at least two points) winning the game. However, you must know that the service order is different in singles play, with the server player must serve from the right side of the court for the first point. Then you can alternate your sides for each subsequent point. 

Strategy: Hence, the strategy for pickleball singles is quite different from that for doubles play. Players must be skilled to take more risks and aggressiveness to win points. It represents that they need to have good mobility and endurance in order to cover the entire court.

Skill set: Various skills of Pickleball are applied for both (Doubles & Singles) gameplays. Besides all these, some specific skills are more important in singles play. These include having a strong serve and return shot, and you must be able to move quickly and change direction skillfully. 

Although, Singles pickleball is a variation of the game played with only one player on each side of the court. The basic rules and Pickleball court dimensions are the same as for doubles play, but some deep strategies and gameplay differ. These differences make it unique among other racquet sports, including doubles pickleball. 

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Benefits of playing the Pickleball Singles

Players can improve their physical fitness and other game skills by playing this game. There are some foremost benefits of this game.

  • Developing better footwork (Foot placement rule) and movement on the court
  • Practicing more varied and complex shots while playing
  • Learn to anticipate and react to your opponent’s shots
  • Your physical health and stamina are improved

Pickleball Singles Court Size

Most advanced Pickleball players are familiar with the gameplay, but various beginners may be perplexed about how they can play singles games on the officially designed Pickleball Court. Though, you can effectively arrange your singles play. 

The singles court size differs from the doubles court size, as it’s designed to accommodate only two players rather than four. As per USAPA recommendation, the standard pickleball singles court size is 20 feet wide by 44 feet long. This court is divided in half by a 34-inch high net, with a non-volley zone (NVZ) on either side of the net, extending 7 feet from the net in both directions.

Pickleball Court Dimension

Moreover, your singles court also has two service areas, one on each side of the court. These service areas are 10 feet deep and 15 feet wide and are positioned on either side of the center line. While serving playing in singles gameplay, once participating as the server, you must stand behind the baseline and within the service area. Your serve must clear the NVZ and land in the opposite service area of your opponent, and this serve is considered a good serve.

The notable point is that the Pickleball singles court size is smaller than the doubles court size, which measures 20 feet wide by 44 feet long for both players on each side of the court. The small size is worth its weight in gold, allowing you more fast-paced and dynamic gameplay. You can move quickly and make strategic shots to outplay your player opponent. Single Pickleball match is favorable to play on a small court and is appreciated by higher communities. 

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Pickleball singles match

This match is an asset for advanced and new players. It adds more skills and strategies and can be played on a common or a specific small court. Your objective in a pickleball singles match is to accomplish 11 points (with two points lead) by hitting your ball over the net, landing it within the boundaries of your opponent’s court, and winning the match.

Rules of Pickleball Singles

Thus, your singles match is launched by flipping the coin and determining who will serve first between you both. You are dealing as the server and must stand behind the baseline and underhand for the successful serve creation. When playing the singles match, you aren’t allowed to hit the ball out of the air when they are inside the kitchen. This means that you must be strategic in your shots, making sure to hit the ball in a way that forces your opponent to hit the ball into the kitchen.

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Singles Pickleball Strategy

To play a successful match, you must learn the strategies of pickleball Singles. You must adjust yourself following the Pickleball singles tactics and enjoy the victory in today’s match.

Singles Pickleball Rules for improving skills

  • Players Consistency: While playing the Pickleball singles game, your consistency is the fundamental factor to winning the game. It would help if you worked on hitting consistent shots and avoiding unforced errors to keep the ball in play and put pressure on your opponent. 
  • Aggressive approach: While consistency is important, you must be aggressive to win points in this play. You can make more probabilities to attack your foe player and put him on the defensive.
  • Your opponent’s Movement: You may know there is more room in the Singles Pickleball court and force your opponent player to go around your ground. It represents that you’re aiming to hit shots to all areas of the court to keep your opponent guessing and off-balance. It exhausts your opponent, so he can’t make the perfect serves. 
  • Serve Strategically: Good serve is a crucial part of your game in singles match. Your aim would be to your serve deep and to the corners to make it difficult returns for your opponent. 

Pickleball Singles vs. Doubles

CategoriesSingles PickleballDoubles Pickleball
Court size20′ x 44′22′ x 44′
Number of players24
Court CoverageEach player covers the entire courtside, and needs much mobility and enduranceBoth can easily cover the court and share their workload
StrategyBe aggressive, take risksConsistent and team-work
Scoring11 points same
Alternation of position on the point
11 points same
No position alternation
ServingDiagonalRight-hand side
MovementCover more groundCover less ground
CommunicationNone necessaryEssential
Injury risksLower risk of collisionHigher risk of collision
EnduranceMore demandingLess demanding
PressureLess pressureMore pressure
Decision-makingFewer variablesMore variables
Competitive optionsFewer tournamentsMore tournaments
Skill developmentIndividual skillsTeam skills
Social interactionLess interactionMore interaction
Player preferencesDepends on personality and play styleDepends on personality and play style

Mini singles pickleball

Mini singles pickleball, also known as mini Pickleball or micro Pickleball. It is a popular variant of the traditional singles game played on a smaller court with smaller paddles and a smaller, lighter ball. Its paddles are typically measured around 6 inches by 10 inches and weigh around 5-6 ounces. The ball typically measures around 2.5 inches in diameter and weighs around 0.5 ounces. 

You can play this version indoors or in smaller outdoor spaces, and it is often favored by younger players or those new to the Pickleball sport. Game objectives (11 points) are exactly similar to Pickleball Singles gameplay. 

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You may develop a powerful backhand shot by practicing proper technique and footwork, such as keeping your elbow close to your body, using your legs to generate power, and following through with your shot.

Yes, playing singles Pickleball can improve your doubles game by helping you develop better footwork, shot selection, and overall strategy on your Pickleball court. 

Yes, singles Pickleball can be more physically demanding because you must cover the entire courtside alone. 

Of course, singles pickleball can be a good workout, as it requires physical fitness and can help improve cardiovascular health, balance, and coordination. That’s why it’s the perfect gameplay for people of all ages. 


Pickleball Singles is great gameplay for improving your lifestyle and even health. Once you become used to playing it, your skills, including consistency, aggression strategic shot placement, make you a formidable player on the Pickleball singles court. If you’re a beginner just starting out, this game is the perfect match for you in regards to staying active, having fun and improving your skills via Singles pickleball techniques. You can improve your fitness here. It’s a vital source of burning the maximum calories and providing a sense of goodness.

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