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Pickleball Strategy and 3 Strategical Golden Rules

Discover the golden rules of pickleball strategy on Land of Pickleball. Enhance your game skills and learn winning strategies to dominate the court.

However, three fundamental rules, further tips, and tricks assist you in learning about Pickleball Tournament strategies. 

Pickleball Strategy Rule 1

“Make a plan – Be proactive – Don’t reactive.”

First and foremost golden strategy rule is based on making an appropriate plan. It seems simple while playing, but various people start their matches without having a plan or with limited plans. It occurs when players launch a reactionary match on the court. Meanwhile, your opponent player will impose his advanced strategies to win the match. You have to follow his instructions, saying, “I am just seeing what will happen in the tournament and dealing with what’s going on”. It sounds like your biggest mistake throughout the match. 

On the other hand, if you’ve understood what’s coming about the match and how your opponent is playing. Then it’s great to develop your skills and winning strategies. Contrarily, suppose you’re a beginner at this game and don’t know about strategies; then you should pin our webpage for upcoming ideas. You can test different shots and think about how your opponent wins the match and how he is playing. Then you can make your own plan for the next match. 

When a player comes to the court and thinks about playing a competitive match with another person, he needs to think about structural gameplay and how he wants to lead the league. As ‘if I joined this shot I’d do it … or if I get another shot I’ll make a good score like ….’

Players must spend some time deciding and discussing the game rules, making heavy shots, dink shots, court dimensions, Pickleball Doubles or Singles tournaments, etc. How do both of you need to tackle these things while playing? Hence, you must figure out these things prior to the match. 

Singles Pickleball Strategy

How to Deal?

Besides making a plan, you must understand how to deal with all the probabilities during a competitive or recreational match. If your opponent player is sending a shot to you, it’s understood that you have to make the return shot. You don’t need to think about a return shot plan. It’s because both of you know what’s coming to you.

As per our recommendation, you need to deal with your match proactive. Focus on what’s going on in your pickleball court, how to receive the coming shot, and where you need to send your return ball. However, the extraordinary tip is to address your match with your partner. An organized playing plan is more effective than a theoretically explained match. 

Meanwhile, you don’t need to be too reliant on what is happening on the court. Off course, you want to play as an expert player, so you need to pay attention to what will come back to you and how to make a certain shot. You need to access, analyze and then develop your planned pickleball strategy for the professional tournament. Ultimately, you become a proficient player in how to play a successful Pickleball strategy match. 

Pickleball Strategy Rule 2

“Buy time for yourself – Take time from Your Partner player.”

Well, the second major strategic rule is buying time for yourself and taking it away from your partner/opponent player. Let us explain this rule via specific examples of returning shots.

You are hitting your return shot and have more time to go up to the NVZ line. If No, you may catch somewhere deeper and like to hit the fourth shot. The good opportunity is to hit your deep return shot. Since you’re making the fair game by hitting the third shot due to two bounce rule.

You can give yourself more time to maintain your position (two up at your net) to meet your partner. You may also be somewhat back for your fourth shot. Though, you’ll be closer because of your hard shot. “Move yourself from the baseline of the court to the net on your returning shot” is the perfect way to buy time for you. Thus, anytime you’re getting up and finding the best time to buy for yourself is the best way to make the transition for yourself. 

Another example of a Pickleball strategy is while playing as a serving team. Here the third shot drop is the precise way to come in behind. This way is slow (Best Pickleball Strategy to buy more time) and you have more time to come up. So you can make the unassailable shot. Your opponent player is not attacking you.

You may know we said about return and drop. So what is the other good time to perform your best? If your partner attacks you, you’re not in the appropriate position. You need to reset your time and then buy it up to the net. Although, you must buy time with slower shots for yourself. 

‘Take-time-away-from-them’ is the best example of aggressive dinking made with deeper dinks. When you push that dink to your opponent’s feet or somehow behind them. They have to focus on how to take it, whether as a dink volley, letting it bounce, stepping back, a half volley or coming up. Hence, they are pressurized and think about making the deep dink. Fortunately, this deep dink is an excellent example of “Taking Away Time”.

You can add the topspin on your shot, hit and kick it toward them. You can also press them without attack. You are also proficient in building an attack by setting up your points. Though, you’re pressing and taking the best time away from opponent players. That’s the eminent way to keep points in your control. Therefore, when you are in your points’ control, you have more chances that you are away with winning that point. 

Eventually, it would help if you bought your own time and pressed them to take more time away from them.

Doubles Pickleball Strategy

Pickleball Strategy Rule 3

“Ready to Drive-First”

This third golden strategy rule is about to be ready for a drive first. Once the shots are coming back from another partner player. These might be in between a soft or a drive shot. Which shot would be the most damaging? You’re right if you’re an expert player and said it’s a drive shot. If you’re a beginner, then it’s okay; you can learn about it from here. 

Suppose you acquire the soft shot; now you have extra time to deal with this shot. First, you need to set your position and prepare to defend yourself from the drive from your opponent player. Let’s notice that you repeatedly send your shot over your opponent. Evaluate about where they will hit it back, their contact point, and their driving probability. They hit from one side to another side of your court. 

To get the best solution, you must position your team in the middle of all angles that are opportunities for them. Then you will be proficient at making your side more powerful to defend and hit the extremely best drive. It gives you the pinpoint accuracy to achieve the shot you want. 

If you are playing but making less accurate drives, your opponent deserves this win. It would help if you made the perfect chances for your team and then hit the pretty hard shot for them. 

You will minimize the gaps between you and your opponents, get in the middle to defend yourself and be in good shape. 

Suppose your opponent players end up hitting a dink, soft hit, a drop, etc., leading them further away from you. Luckily, it’s fine for you. You have more time to run and perfectly get it. It may be a damaging drive for you. So you must try to make the drive first.  

Suppose you are playing in a dink war and don’t go for the drive. You can see people drive from their lower shots, more difficult positions, different shots, etc. according to our knowledge, it’s the only best way to evolve the perfect ways in a Pickleball match. 

You must always speed up for coming and be ready to defend your shot. If you can’t do that, then you need to manage with your time to deal all this. Your target is to ready and position for your drive first, then your opponent player. 

Pickleball Strategy – Additional Tips

  • Lob Less
  • Dink between your opponents
  • Serve deep
  • Take the dink out of the air
  • It would help if you hit a third shop drop
  • Keep opponents back
  • Aim for your opponent’s feet
  • Aim behind your opponent
  • Make the deep return serve
  • Play low
  • Learn the compact stroke
  • Move following your partner
  • Be patient

How Pickleball strategy matters for Beginners?

If you’re a beginner and want to play a smarter match, then you need to follow the Pickleball strategy to win. However, the new players make some unforced errors, including losing rallies. They need to learn more about the strategies than an experienced player.

Why it’s essential to know the Pickleball Strategy for beginners?

To acquire your pickleball gameplay to the next level, you take a step towards a good sense of strategies. Those players who are just focused on the Pickleball rules might lose the game by making simple mistakes. Therefore, they must learn strategic shot placement, superior footwork and opponents’ smart shot selection. These deep concepts can be cleared via the Pickleball strategy. 

Pickleball Strategy for Beginners

There are three foremost strategies for Pickleball beginning players:

  • Keep an eye on the ball
  • Your feet placement when hitting
  • Paddle out front – Ball hitting from your front 


The most significant points are utilizing different Pickleball strategies, body positioning, outplaying your opponents and shooting accuracy.

“10 Second Rule” states when the scorecard is announced, the server player has only 10 seconds to serve. If he takes more time than 10 seconds, it’ll consider his fault. Well, this rule aims to make consistent gameplay. 

You need to ask the same question from 10 different pickleball coaches. The question is what the important skills for playing Pickleball are. You may get 10 varying answers. You can revise your rules as well. As per our recommendation, the most vital skill is keeping your ball forefront to you and making contact with the ball with your paddle afore of your body. The forefront paddle position is the fundamental skill in Pickleball Strategy for beginners. 

Final Thoughts

You learn the three major rules of Pickleball Strategy and how you can win your game by applying these tips. Hence, by following these simple strategies, you can level up your expertise in the gameplay. Once you start your gameplay strategically, the game complexity will eliminate and look more entertaining. You will even enjoy the competitive tournaments of Pickleball.

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