Pickleball Singles Scoring

Pickleball Singles Scoring 5 Rules | Defined Guide

Learn the simplicity of Pickleball Singles Scoring Rules with our Comprehensive guide, and ensure you dominate the game with precision and ease.

Pickleball Scoring Basics

Before diving into the Pickleball specifics for singles scoring, it’s important to understand the basics of pickleball scoring. Pickleball Sport is played for 11 points, and a team must win by two points. Each team serves for the duration of a side-out, which occurs when the receiving team fails to return the ball or hits the ball out of bounds. Moreover, the serving team is allowed to win the points, and the server player must serve cross-court from right to left or left to right.

Basics of Pickleball

Pickleball Singles Scoring

The scoring system is similar in both singles and doubles pickleball. There are a few noticeable differences between both. You must know these points. In singles, only one player serves for an entire game. The serve alternates sides every two points, and the server must serve diagonally across the court to start each point of gameplay. Moreover, players are strictly banned from volleying (hitting the ball out of the air) in the non-volley zone (the area immediately adjacent to the net) because it’s committed as a fault.

Pickleball Singles Scoring Rules

There are only two players to play and win the match. However, singles matches are a bit confusing, especially for beginners. We’ve eliminated your problems by providing the basic scoring rules, and you must remind them while playing singles:

  • In Pickleball Singles scoring, points are exclusively earned during serves. When the serving player scores a point, they are required to switch sides on the court, alternating between the right and left corners after each point. For example, if you initiate your serve diagonally from the right corner and score a point, your subsequent serve must come from the left side. Conversely, if your initial serve starts from the left corner, your next serve will originate from the right side.
  • Singles matches typically employ scoring systems of 11, 15, or 21 points, depending on the level of play, whether it’s recreational or more competitive. To secure victory, a player must maintain a lead of at least 2 points over their opponent.
  • In the world of Singles Pickleball, each player continues to serve until they lose their serving turn, with only two serves permitted per player.
  • Unlike Doubles, where a second server is involved, Singles play involves only two players for the entire match. Consequently, there is no need to prepare for a second server in Singles play. The server announces the scores using just two numbers (e.g., 1-0), indicating the server’s score first and then the opponent’s. Additionally, due to the absence of a second server, when you lose a rally, the serve is automatically passed to the second player (the receiver).
  • Furthermore, the server player’s point total determines which side or corner of the court they serve from. Even-numbered scores (0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10) necessitate serving from the right side, while odd-numbered scores (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) dictate serving from the left. It’s important to note that the server’s score plays a pivotal role in determining the serving side on the Pickleball Court.

Additional Information on Pickleball Singles Scoring

Serving and Receiving: In singles pickleball, the player who wins the coin toss or spin chooses whether to serve or receive. Hence, you (the server) can choose which side of the court to start serving from. When your serve is started, you may continue serving until you lose the point. 

Pickleball Singles Scoring points: While playing, you start each point with a serve, and your receiving player must return the ball to your side of the court. If the ball goes out of bounds or hits the net, you (the serving player) win the point. Contrarily, when your ball lands in bounds, you continue to rally until you or your opponent player makes an error or hits the ball out of bounds.

Winning the Game: The singles game is won as the doubles, in which the player reaches 11 points; with a two-point lead, he will enjoy the victory. If your score is tied at 10-10, you should continue to play until any player takes a two-point lead and achieve the target.

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In Pickleball Singles, players must be more strategic with their serves. It’s a fact that you can’t afford to take too many risks, as a missed serve results in losing points. It would help if you aimed to acquire accurate placement more than your power. Your skills improvement matters a lot here then you will learn how to win the challenging gameplay. For your further understanding, you must also go through the Pickleball Singles Scoring, Pickleball Singles Strategies and Singles rules.

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Rules of Pickleball Singles


The major distinctions between these two games are the Singles’ scoring and serving sequences. In singles games, players keep scoring with 2 numbers. There are two players in the Singles and four in the Doubles match. 

No, hitting your ball out of bounds is considered a fault in singles pickleball.

If both players get 10 10 scores, then the game is played to 13 points instead of 11, and the winner must win by two points.


Pickleball singles scoring may initially seem confusing, but it’s a simple and exciting game once you get the hang of it. Remember to focus on your serve, move your opponent around the court, watch your footwork, and be patient. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to winning more scores in no time.  

Although scoring rules in Singles games are essential for players to compete at a high level, you must focus on achieving the 11 points first. We are glad to share that various beginners go through these rules and tips before playing the Singles game; they enjoy the competitive game. 

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