Pickleball is a combination of what sports

Pickleball is a combination of What Sports?

The new hit in the sports world has created over 35% of players around the USA. Thus, Pickleball is a combination of what sports are necessary to understand the bare bones of the game.

It combines three racquet sports; badminton, table tennis and tennis. Pickleball is a combination of what sport and how; Eventually,

  • It’s played on a court that is equal to the court of badminton
  • Its net is equal to tennis height net (approximately 2 inches lower)
  • It’s played with an enlarged paddle about table tennis size. 

Moreover, Pickleball looks like a Wiffle ball.

The distinctive feature of Pickleball sport is the non-volley zone (NVZ). It’s also referred to as the Kitchen region. This region is measured as 7 feet deep – 40 feet across the Pickleball court. Though, it runs from the Kitchen region boundary to the net region. 

  • While playing the Pickleball match, the ball can’t hit the NVZ or its line on the service region. It may hit this region at any other time.
  • Pickleball game is played as singles or doubles. 
  • The team which makes 11 points (leading by at least 2 points) can win the match. 

Pickleball is a relatively fun game, easy to learn for newcomers and a great pick for all ages than other sports. 

Pickleball Historical background- How Pickleball is a combination of what sports?

Two game fathers, Bill Bell and Joel Pritchard sought a new, easy game to engage their kids in 1965. Though, they invented this game in Washington.

Pritchard’s had an old badminton court on his property, where they initiated their gameplay. They could not find the appropriate racquet for playing. Meanwhile, they compensated for their need with table tennis (ping pong) paddles and Wiffle ball,

Why it’s called the Pickleball, there are two stories behind this podcast. Pritchard had this pet dog (Pickle) who grabbed the ball while they were playing. So technically, it was pronounced as “Pickle’s Ball” because Pickle ran away along with the ball. After that, it was pronounced as Pickleball. The second story is related to Joel’s ex-wife. You must read the whole guide about the History of Pickleball. 

Pickleball objectives

  • Improving the physical health of players
  • Simple rackets game that is a great source of fun
  • Both teams/players must achieve their decided target scores
  • Rally is playable for both teams
  • The serving team will initiate the match (boost up the player’s skills)
  • Players must stay away from faults

When and How did Pickleball Sport become popular?

Although, Pickleball is a combination of what sports, how it can become popular if it’s just the merging gameplay. You must know that game has gained attractiveness in the last seven years. Well, it’s much more eminent in the elite communities. 

In 2021 according to USAPA, this sport has grown to 4.8 million players in the USA. The 14.8% growth of Pickleball from 2020-2021 leads behind the 21.3%growth in the previous year. It also contributes to 11.5% annual growth over the last five years. 

  • The majority of people think that Pickleball has grown more in a couple of years during the COVID-19 pandemic. When outdoor activities are locked strictly, people maintain their social distance, create their own Pickleball courts and play the game. So, it was great gameplay for the majority of communities. 
  • Furthermore, Pickleball was relatively easy to play and learn for all beginner players. They can learn the game rules and enhance their skills to the next level. 

Pickleball’s popularity among the other three Racquet Sports

There are so many reasons behind the loyal popularity of Pickleball. Some of the major factors are:

  • Smaller court

The Pickleball-court is smaller than the Tennis sport. Running in Pickleball is more convenient (less running), especially in doubles games. This factor of Pickleball is tempting for those players who’ve just initiated their fitness journey. 

  • Less Bouncy Ball

In Tennis, your ball must bounce higher; it’s not essential in Pickleball. The balls are much more manageable in this growing gameplay. 

Players are able to take the best swing because the ball doesn’t go for a higher bounce. If you play the same swing for a Tennis game, your ball will go over the fence, into the parking lot or might be beyond. So, you can imagine how annoying it would be to run away from the ball. 

  • Great Exercise

Pickleball brings a great workout and an easy-going game. This game engages the full-body muscles, including arms, core and legs. Gamers must keep constantly moving because it burns many body calories.

  • Social Aspect

People of all ages can play this game; it’s a social sport and a great source of making good friends. You can enjoy a friendly environment among players even when you’re new on the court. 

  • Easy to Learn

Pickleball rules are easy and smooth, making the gameplay quickly. Thus, those players who remain busy in their hectic routine tasks and are unknown of this game can learn the game basics within some days. There are no more drills required to get high-level expertise.  

Likewise, two beginners are proficient at engaging in a dink rally on their 1st match. It’s not possible while playing tennis sport. 

  • Underhand Serve is Easy to Play

The serve point is initiated from the underhand shot. It represents that complicated motion is eliminated, like serving in Tennis. It’s relatively exceptional while making the spinning serve according to the rules; that’s a side slice motion than the low-high movement as with Underhand.  

In Pickleball, the chances are more successful for the serve than in Tennis. Likewise, there is possible to play the successful return.

  • Club Owners Like to switch between games

Tennis club owners love to generate heavy revenue from their courts when these are not used for Tennis. They convert their courts to Pickleball courts. One tennis court is convertible to four Pickleball courts.

Moreover, Pickleball is also flexible for all ages. So, tennis players can easily play this game as well. This game is profitable for both gamers as well as club owners.

  • Targets are Closer

Hence, the Pickleball court is smaller, so your targeted regions and opponents are closer. You don’t need to get specific drills for precise long shots. Meanwhile, you must play the longer shots with pin-point accuracy if you’re a tennis player. 

  • Forgiving Technique

Players’ skills grip makes them able to play whatever they want. They can make practical shots; correspondingly, they can play a relaxing match for fun. As an advanced player, you can make the best shot execution focusing on the game rules. But you don’t need to follow the same strict rules if you want to create a contest with your best friend (for entertainment). 

  • All Ages Amusement

All the young and older players have equal chances to enjoy the game. It’s more significant for senior (old age) players. It’s because they need to stay active in old age. So, this game is more reliable for them; it keeps them active and provides relaxing mobility. 

  • Ball Speed is not Threatening

While playing tennis sport, the ball speed reaches up to 100 mph. This speed doesn’t happen in Pickleball tournaments. There is no more reaction time in Pickleball, which makes the gameplay more manageable for players. They don’t need to enhance their playing speed; instead, they focus on their target and Pickleball basics.

5 Pickleball Rules 

Well, the Pickleball game comprises multiple Game Rules and basic strategies. For beginners and people without a racquet sports background, Pickleball brings a new ball game opportunity for players. They can take the overview of these basic rules along with the USAPA Rules.

Service Sequence: Players must start the game from the right side or court. How you can change your direction is not much tricky. You can learn your positions from numbers; Even (Right) and Odds (Left).

The Kitchen (NVZ): Players need to bounce the ball before contacting it when they are on the NVZ line, standing in the NVZ area or stepping into this region. Hence, they can go into the NVZ to volley their ball. Remember, you’re not allowed to step into the area now.

Two Bouncing Rules: The receiving team allows the ball to bounce once after serve, and the serving team also lets the ball bounce on returning and making contact with the ball. 

Who will serve first? Players can follow any simple or desired way to decide the game’s starting point. As you undergo the coin-tossing method for deciding your teams, and winning team will serve at first. Moreover, the winning team has one serve to play at first. Y must see the First exceptional Rule about doubles Pickleball.  

How to score? The pickleball game ends at 11 points with two leading points out of three matches. The important thing is how to call for the scorecard. There are three numbers to recall in Doubles Pickleball (My, Your, and Server Number). On the other side, there are two numbers in Singles gameplay mine and yours.

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Pickleball is USA’s originated fastest growing sport nowadays. It’s accessible to play both indoors and outdoors. Hence, Pickleball is a combination of what sports; three major racquet sports (Badminton, Tennis and Table Tennis). 

In Pickleball gameplay of three players, each member turns to serve and tries to make the score against the other two opponents. Therefore, each server enables one to achieve two service turns rather than one. He will initiate his serve from the right side (Even number) and left side (odd number) as well. 

Plan => Practice => Play => Perform => Pleasure 

Three sports, Tennis, Table tennis and Badminton, are in one Pickleball game. Though, it’s the combined elements of these sports. 


Pickleball is the perfect game to understand Pickleball is a combination of what sports. Though, it’s an excellent combination of fun and challenging sport. It gains specific importance among other sports due to its uniqueness. Well, it’s exciting gameplay for all players.  

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